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  2. check for a short in the ignition switch or the kill switch, make sure the plugs are in good shape first, i would put in news just to be sure. a bad connection at the battery can cause a problem like that also. hope it helps pontiacjim
  3. hi, ck1999-400ex from pontiacjim most of these have to be choked when they are cold , it is just the nature of the beast. when they are cold the fuel just does not atomize properly,so when you pull the choke you reduce the air intake making for a richer mixture , so the spark plug can ignite it better,if the spark plug is in poor condition this will add to the problem. hope this helps pontiacjim
  4. hi garmi minesota from pontiacjim what is happening, is the gas is not atomizing as fast when it is so cold . so when you think about that gas laying in the cyl. as a puddle , and its cold , it is going to take a hotter spark to get it to burn , that being said, check your spark plugs, wires , coils, battery, any thing to do with ignition, and when it is so cold the battery is less eficent , then the starter draws most of the juce from the ignition, and you end up with a no start. look for the little things , like poor grounding, not only loose conections, but under size wire from the battery to the frame, or wires that are badly oxidized. when it is so cold like that sometimes you can tell about this wiring stuff by jump starting , if it starts easy when you jump start , it probably is in the wiring . spark plugs if in doubt take them out , see if they are wet, if they are , the spark is probably going to ground before it gets to the tip where can ignite the fuel, new plugs. hope this helps
  5. with engine runing did you try all the gears or just first ? try it in second ant third to see what you get. if it still does it in the higher gears, it sounds like you may have sheared a little key that lets that reverse gear slide back and forth between foreward and reverse. what your feeling when you have to pull the clutch in to push it [engine not running] is, it must still in reverse, that slider gear is not moving, even though you think is , when that key gets sheared off ,it leaves a bur ,or lets say it is just bent or deformed in some way, you may still be able to move the linkage but the gear is stuck. i think i would still look for an easier solution, but may try to move that little gear from the outside some how , before get into a complete teardown. good luck , let me hear from you................mike,pontiacjim
  6. yep, i have a 1999 worrior same proublem, ihave been cautioned about those modules i am still looking for the correct one. Good luck hope every thing works out for you pontiacjim
  7. never assume thats not the problem , especially if some one else did it. mike
  8. than , it sounds like that reverse linkage has gotten bent , so it"s not going far enough to let that little fork inside the trans. move. if you disconnect that linkage close to the trans. to see if that part that goes into the trans can be moved a little farther . keep me posted mike
  9. sounds like just dirty from sitting pull off float bowl clean out with carb cleaner squirt some carb cleaner up those little jets that are sticking down where the float bowl was , some times this will get it,if it dont you"ll have to disassemble the carb and clean out those little holes in the jets, i use small number drills some times i use welders thorch tip files if i can find them small enough.

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