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  1. Sorry for the confusion. I was talking about the one gear on the valves. I opened the view hole where there is a t and f mark. I lined the t mark up with the grove in the threads and I set the valve gear with the line pointing to the v shaped mark and i almost got it to start but it still is not starting. You are right on with the valve specs. I am going to get a filler gauge so I can make sure the valves are set right.
  2. The valve that is closest to the carb was reallt tight with no play and the one by the exhaust was loose. Which one would be right. Tight or loose? Thanks for the help
  3. I checked every thing out and the pin is not sheared off. I was told the timing is out and I tried to reset it. I only turned the top fly wheel a half turn and was told that I needed to make a full turn on it.
  4. I have had help with this thing from users on here before. Clutch issues. I was riding the other day. About 15 minutes on a trail, not rough had my wife with me. Stopped at my brothers to wait for some people to get a pack to ride. Sat for an hour. Went to start the bike up and it just turned over. I have spark, compression, fuel but no start. We pulled it and it started up got half way home and it died and i can not get it to start again. I have used starting fluid and it has a good spark. I am lost!!! Any suggestions? Thanks Nick in Southern Illinois
  5. after all the gear searching I came to the conclusion to put a new clutch in. It is back in the Mud. Thanks for all the pointers. It totally feels much better with the new clutch.
  6. Ok, I am not sure if this is the problem. I took my clutch out and went to the atv shop and told them what was going on. After looking at the plates one of them had no grit stuff on them. While taking them out I broke one of the threaded things on the main preasure plate, nice $41.31 spent for that. Then I ended up breaking one of the fins off the primary Drive gear, $93.16 wasted on that. but I did only spend $127.70 on the rest of the clutch kit. Boy I hope this does the trick. I would like to thank everyone that has posted with help. I am putting it in the shop for new valves and I am also going to have a new piston and rings put in it. After that is all done and the frame gets powder coated this thing is going to go up for sale with my Jeep. Thanks again for all the advice:wink:
  7. I tried the reverse rod. Took it off, moved it as far back as possible and it still moves like it is in an idle. But reverse is fine. I can be like a clown and ride backwards. I am confused.
  8. With the engine is off I have to hold the clutch in to move it. It will go in reverse perfect, moves fast in reverse. it just moves like it is stuck in idle when it is in gear. I can put the rpms up and it still just goes like I am in an idle. I took the clutch case off. every thing looks fine. Changed the oil. It started doing this after I got stuck in the mudd. I am going to try to adjust the reverse rod to see if some thing happened with that. I do not know what else it could be.
  9. I was born and raised in Akron now i live down here in southern Illinois. I appriciate the help
  10. I have taken the clutch case off and every thing looks fine. but it does sound like you are right Mike. I am gonna try that in the morning. its to dark and I keep burning my finger on the exhaust.
  11. I checked my cable and it is fine. When it is not started it will stay in gear. Just when running it will not go. I can pull the clutch in and it will roll. But with it running it will not go forward but the reverse does engage and it will go backwards
  12. I will check that first thing in the morning, thanks. I hope that is the problem.
  13. Hey, I am new to the forum things. But if I can help anyone out I will. i live in Southern Illinois. I grew up in N.E. Ohio. Spent many summers down in Wellsville Ohio riding and playing in the mud in rail buggies. i like to get dirty but I also just like to ride on my 350 warrior on the country roads to see the animals and get away from the hustle of live. I wish i could find more people to ride with but alot of the people are mostly kids that want to tear up farmers fields or do things they are not suppose to. i really enjoy taking my wife with me and letting her enjoy the ride with me. She hates to get dirty but she loves to run through the mudd and the puddles. Hoping one day to get her a four wheeler to ride with me on her own. The funnest thing that ever happened was when she was riding and I was on the back a bird flew straight across a field a hit her in the head. LOL. Well i am Nick I hope to meet new people on here and not a bunch of spammers.
  14. I was riding the other day. Got stuck in a mud hole. Now it won't move when shifted into gears. It will move slow in reverse, very slow. Any thoughts to this problem. Runs good just won't go when put into gear.

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