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Got run off from the playground

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Some butt head ran us off at a place we were allowed to ride at one time. We even ask today if it was ok to ride we were told yes.So the but head is renting a fenced off sections for a recycleing company. He didn't come out of the fenced area but he was about as rude as you can get. He said this was our free warning to get packed up and don't come back. Were going to check and see if it's ok to ride there if they say yes. He better stay away I'll roost his smart a-- mouth! thru his fence. The store owner and the recycle butt head doesn't get along and it was taken out on us!

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This is a place that people has also dumped old car tires and other junk. I know that isn't right for people to do and I don't agree with it myself. But it's not the people riding out there. So if the guy wants to be that way maybe the city will get after him to clean up the property or fine him for it. I would be more upset with the folks dumping junk out. Not riding quads & bikes.

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i don t know how much junk n tires are on this property , but if there was a way for you and your friends to clean this area up it would score points for the atv community . as for the roosting the guy through the fence , thats probably only going to make matters worse . good luck with your ride/play area , hope it turns out for the best.

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