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Suzuki King Quad

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My 700 has 27" tires and when pulling a load or when stopped in the mud the belt slips and it also overheats easily. Has anyone else have this problem?

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That quad should be able to handle that. I have a '05 King Quad. Great machine! Although I haven't upgraded the tires. I'll have to ask around...haven't heard anyone else having issues....

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The problem with the KQ is that unless you have it snorkeled and you play in the mud or water, you must drain the belt housing. The factory snorkels allow water or mud to get in from the rear, specially if you stop. If you play in the mud without the snorkels, you must take the clutch cover off and get the muck off the clutch. The drain is to the left of the foot brake underneth. Just pull that out, and allow it drain. While draining, press the gas, and rev it up while in neutral. You can drive around on dry ground while doing this, then once its done, put the drain plug back in.

Seriously though, if your going to play in the water or mud, you best snorkel it. Its not that hard at all. If you need help snorkeling it, just let me know and I can get you going.

So 27' tires arent causing the belt to slip, I ran 27 Mudlites for a yr, and before I snorkeled I would notice the belt slipping. I currently run 29.5 Outlaws, but I installed the HL Outlaw clutch kit.

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Very good point, I didn't think about that. Majority of atvs that have belt driven automatic transmission (not Honda) suffer from belt slippage when wet that can imobilize your quad until it dries out. I had that happen on my 05 King Quad, Yamaha Kodiak 450, and Suzuki Eiger all automatic belt driven trannys....

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    • By johnwayne
      i have a 2000 suzuki king quad lt-f300f that i picked up as a project bike. it didnt run well when it was parked outside 5 years ago. it cranked after putting fresh gas - but would not run below half throttle, i took apart the carb, cleaned debris, and re-assembled. i suspect that the pilot needle is sheared off - it never protrudes into the throttle body through the pinhole. now to get the bike to ALMOST idle, the throttle idle adjustment knob is all the way up/in. the pilot needle is turned almost all the way in/up (if i understand correct, it should nominally be out 2 1/4 turns or so). and like i said, it will ALMOST idle. floods easily, rides rough.
      wanted to hear from those more experienced than me with suzukis - and im self-taught atv repair, so dont laugh too hard if my verbiage/part names is way off. 
      facing the driver's side of the bike [US] there are three hoses on this side of the carb. without a service manual or way of knowing what was messed up before i got it, i think i have them right: front hose as a vacuum to the petcock, middle hose as vacuum to the fuel pump, rear hose as fuel line from the fuel pump. running the bike in prime position results in flooding even while riding. with all hoses disconnected from the carb, fuel slowly drips from the vacuum line connected to the petcock.
      so just my speculation is that the diaphragm in the petcock is split, and the pilot needle is broke off - causing my inability to not quite idle and the rough ride. this suzuki is hoses and cables everywhere compared to the honda ranchers and yamaha warriors i am used to. I would like to have a plan rather than: replace everything at once.
      is my speculation on the right track, or could something else be at play? say, if the compression was non-existent, would that cause non-idling? i am all ears, look forward to the input.
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