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Came in yesterday.....:headbang:

They are now lifting it for Clearance of the Bedrails and doing their inspections....Ive lost Lots of Room with this unit but Ill make it work:cool:

2008 Sportsman Sportster by KZ










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That is sweet!!! How much is this thing running you? And what are you pulling it with? I'd love to get one of these things down the road...:smile:

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Thank you,,,,,

Going from my old one to this one Im loosing 8' of Toy Space:aargh: But I think we can make this work just fine....Ill just have to get rid of some toys....:wacko: If you were to go on the lot here in CA....It would cost about 38K....Since we were able to Build it the way we wanted we saved 10K....So to make it worth it....This thing needs to leave my Drive way at least once a month:laugh:

I will be pulling it with my 05 PSD F250

My Truck with my Old Trailer Attached


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Wow!! MWKE, that is pretty sweet!!! What is that a KING size bed in there??? Nice set up and thanks for the great pics.

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Thank you,,,,,

No its a Queen Bed....I wish it were a King....Im thinking about getting a Sleep Number for it....We have one at home and that was the best investment I think we have ever made....My old Bones just cant handle a Regular mattress anymore....:unsure:

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That is really cool. I have been looking but I am not ready to make the commitment yet. Trying to get a new truck right now, but I hope someday to have a nice Toy Hauler!!

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      I have about 500 acres behind my house that is state land and have been riding on the property for the last 18 years.
      I know pretty much all the cops that patrol it and have always pulled over to talk with them. They have always been really nice guys. Well about 3 months ago while riding one the fire roads there was this new cop pulled over in a Jeep and I pulled up to him to talk and he jumped out with his hand on his gun and told me to get off my quad. After I got my helmet off and he saw I was in my 40's he just told me not to ride by the state run hospital and to be on my way.
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