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TRX 450 Gopro HD Riding with the Can AM DS 650

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dIytTbhYS0]Gopro HD Hero TRX 450 Can AM DS 650 - YouTube[/ame]


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that is a pretty popular riding area. looks like it would be easy to spend the whole day and a couple tanks of gas playing around.

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Yeah man on the holidays it can be very busy! I need to get some footage of 20 - 30 people riding thru this muskeg when its wet! its unreal!

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Thanks man! Its an awesome quad, its a bit heavy and I think my buddy was somewhat annoyed when he found out how heavy it was compared to the 450's and 400ex's, its a 100 pounds heavier then the Raptor 700 but 50 pounds less then the KFX 700, it is a fast quad tho! Very comfy seat compared to the tiny seat on my 450 lol

It died when we were riding a few days ago, hes ruled it down to the rectifier or something electronic, hopefully its nothing major, he replaced the battery and got the same problem

Edited by TRX450

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    • By Michael Aiken
      Where can I find a wiring diagram for my 2005 450 Kodiak. Thanks.
    • By Kristpj
      I know this tooic has been addressed by many, I’ve looked through many forums and pages. I did not find anything like the problem i have.
      I have a 2007 Kingquad 450. I have a new fully charged battery. When i turn the key, the dash flashes and seems to struggle before getting fully lite. We can hear a small relay near the computer clicking, i think it is the fuel pump relay. When i turn off the engine kill switch and press the starting button relays click and all the power shuts off, i turn the key off, engine kill switch then start over, power is there. Atv will start with pull start, but not elextricly. if i try to use my winch, all power cuts and engine dies. 
      Can anyone tell me what it may be? or has anyone fsced an issue like this before?
    • By chuckufarlie
      I have a 2018 Kodiak 450 EPS that just this past Sunday I ran through a bit of water.
      After the puddle the belt was slipping, so I pulled over and drained the ultramatic housing and the slipping problem went away. This was all in L and everything seemed to work fine. Later when I got on a road, I put it in H, but it still rode like it was in low... i.e. I had to rev it up a lot just to get to 30mph.
      When at home I pulled the ultramatic cover off to inspect, and it looked okay in there. Not much dirt, belt and everything are clean, but when I rev up the engine (with cage in place, of course), the belt doesn't get to the top of the clutch (maxes out about an inch or 1.5" from top of clutch, so maybe it is normal).. I put it back together but same thing... H seems like L still.
      Do you think the clutch needs to be further dissected for cleaning, or could this be an issue with the gear selector?
    • By Steven Alter
      I have a 2018 450 and the digital gause has started flashing on an off while driving. The backlit also goes on and off. It is worse when I hit the gas. The battery died a few weeks ago and I jumped it but its been fine until last night. Called the dealer and showed them a vid and they recommend replacing the gauge and its like 600 bucks. The machine has less than 100 hours on it. I would really hate to have to change it out. also the unit sometimes has trouble starting. Any ideas?
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      The black trx 450 is stock except for the Pro Circuit T4 Full exhaust, both running Razr 2's. Good day of quading on August 30th 2012. This main trail were riding on is pretty sketchy because trucks, jeeps and 4x4 quads can be coming the opposite way at high speeds Ive had a few close calls already on these trails with oncoming riders.
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCERVbrlAE4]Trx 450 Sand Trails GOPRO HD HERO - YouTube[/ame]
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