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Check out the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area. Its in both Cumberland and Morgan Counties. As long as its not closed for big game hunting, you can ride four wheelers all day long on all the trails, and there are places to camp near by. As far as i know, its the most remote area in our state. Lots of hills, mountains, trails, nice views, water, mud and more.

However, check the dates on it, this time of year it closes and wont reopen till the spring. It always closes during big game hunting season and select other hunts

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Maybe some fellow Tennesseans could help me out as well.... I'm in middle Tenn, I know of the Turkey Bay OHV trails up at LBL, but does anybody ride any other places?

We have locally Buffalo Mountain here in East TN. Its located in Unicoi County.

Some other TN Locations are:

Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail

There is Coal Ceek OHV Trails

A smaller area of trail riding is located at the I-81 Motorsports Park in Greeneville, TN So if you came up here to ride you can stop by & ride these trails.

Not sure if this is to far out for you but I have heard the Hatfield-McCoy Trails in VA are awesome.

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Not sure if this is to far out for you but I have heard the Hatfield-McCoy Trails in VA are awesome.

The Hatfield McCoy Trails are a great place to ride! I know that it is not that bad of a trip! I have made many trips between Tennessee and southern WV.

If you every want to plan a trip, don't hesitate to contact us. We can tell you anything that you want to know about the trail system!

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I go to brimstone 5+ times a year, about 20,000 acres of all kinds of terrain! Huge events, but no trail traffic. Also wheelin in the country and coal creek are southern middle Tennessee. If you wanna come down to north Alabama we can go ride bice mountain (coal mine). I'm about 15 minutes from the state line, off Winchester road back in the boonies, lol. Seriously thought PM me if anyone wants to plan a trip!

Brimstone Recreation - ATV Park in TN - Plan Your Adventure

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We live in Georgia and drive up to Prentice Cooper, in Chattanooga,  quite often to ride. Lots of FREE trails to ride up there. Game Reserve Road....little over an hours drive from my house. Royal Blue, Windrock and Brimstone are good too..but require permits. Yearly permit would be cheap for a TN resident though. 


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      This is some exciting news for those who ride the Hatfield McCoy Trails!! The trail authority is working on a connector to connect Rockhouse to the Buffalo Mtn Trail. I copied and pasted this from a blog on the Hatfield McCoy site!!
      Wednesday, May 14, 2014
      Devil Anse Connector...starts soon...
      Devil Anse Connector to start work today
      Hey folks,
      Big Jim here comin' to you from the heart of HMT Country.
      And boy do I have some big news for you. In about two hours work should start going full tilt on the new Devil Anse Connector that will hook up our famous and super-popular Rockhouse Trails to the Matewan area.
      As you know, Rockhouse is very popular -especially among our extreme riders- and it is housed in two counties - Mingo County- via Gilbert and Logan County via the town of Man. Some time back it was announced that the next phase of work for HMT would be to connect trails together starting with connecting the trails in Mingo County together then connecting the trails in Logan County together. Well, construction on that phase starts in earnest today.
      Awhile back I ran into somebody I know who is in the know who told me "something big is coming real soon," but would not confirm anything. So Monday evening I ran up to the town of Man where Deputy Director Johnny Fekete lives and met with him after the town council meeting where Johnny shared the good news with the town council.
      Fekete said work will soon be completed over the next two months on the Rockhouse trail connector that should make a lot of different people happy for several different reasons- not the least of which would be lessening ATV traffic in one residential area.
      I hung around a little to talk with Johnny about this.
      “We will start pushing on Wednesday on the Devil Anse Connector, “ Fekete said. “This is a long time proposal and when it is completed it will connect the Rochouse Trail to the town of Matewan.”
      Fekete said he hoped the project would be completed in a few months, barring any unforeseen delays.
      “This is our big project for the year.” Fekete said the idea for the Devil Anse Connector goes back a decade or so to the early days of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails. Now that most of the trails are completed the Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Authority is looking at connecting them together.
      Currently the trails offer over 600 miles of managed trails in and around several towns in Southern West Virginia. The trails have proven to be a great success in regards to bringing in tourism dollars to the area and the HMRRA wants to continue that success in making the coalfields a popular tourism destination.
      “This will be a very big thing for our riders, “ Fekete said of the Devil Anse Connector.
      Great news for the trail riders and area businesses!
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