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1992 Yamaha Timberwolf - Smoking?

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Noticed it this morning, Was -1 out, Started it with choke half way open, Fired right up second crank via electric starter. Shed was filling with not exhaust but oil/smoke, thought nothing of it at the time, Fast forward to later today, Started it up after washing it, And got a big puff of smoke from the bike, Checked the oil, Sure enough was down about half a quart, Opened air box, Oil sitting in the bottom of it (could have been from the prefilter though but there was an oilish trail from the intake tube which the breather connects to) Breather tube has milky white oil (I know it means water) Any ideas or help would be apreachiated, It has great compression which strikes me as odd considering its used half a quart of oil in about 5 hours run time (Have a hour meter)

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Maybe one of tehe rings got stuck or you got some blow by. When was the last time you changed the oil? Did you use correct oil for that temperature?

What year is your ATV?

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Its a 1992, I know for a fact its not the orig jug/rings as I know the previous owner, It just had a valve job done, its got 10W30 in it, Changed the oil 5 hours ago of run time

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Only has one vent line off the crankcase, and it does not seem to have a valve so its constantly getting pressure out it, I have a feeling thats where some of the oil in the air box is coming from,

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I noticed this as well on my 1990 Big Bear after full fluid change and filter cleaning. Before the oil change, zero smoke at start-up/idle.

Afterwards, smokes a bit on initial start but clears up after warmed up.

Kind attributing to the fact that maybe poor oil circulation due to very clogged oil filter in my case and age of the bike systems.

Planning on valve adjust but not sure that will make any difference in start up smoking. I'll be watching for additional tips too.

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