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  2. These are the part numbers I found 4BD-23570-00-33 FRT LWR ARM CMPL L $129.68 $129.68 4BD-23580-00-33 FRT LWR ARM CMPL R $129.68 $129.68 4XE-F3570-10-00 FRONT LOWER ARM CO $129.68 $129.68 4XE-F3580-10-00 FRONT LOWER ARM CO $129.68 $129.68 The "3580" & "3570" are the same.
  3. I came across these on ebay, And it looks like the identical to my t-wolf, I need/want a-arms that have replaceable ball joints as I bent a b-joint on my t-wolf. What do you think? Anyone with a 2007 BB that can mesure for me? 07 Big Bear 250 YFM250 Left Front Control A Arm Q | eBay Yamaha Timberwolf Front Left A Arm 1996 | eBay
  4. I hate to toss money at it, Oil pump is good as I have checked it by removing the test port screw.
  5. Should I make a new thread as this is now not only oil out the breather problem?
  6. Ok, New problem, It seems to be running wayyy to hot, Its melting the o-rings on the valve covers and starting to melt the plastic on the oil dipstick >_> Its also now burning oil big time when its hot, I am guessing its due to the oil thinning? Or it blew the oilring out from overheating
  7. Also, Heres the plug Weird line around it? Oil leak from where? The cam cover is tight, And oring is good (Checked it when I redid the valves) Sorry for the bad pics, Samsung Galaxy was taking good pics until i scratched the lens And the exhaust has leaks (Around where the header meets the muffler
  8. I was thinking of putting some type of collector inline with the breather hose? To collect the oil and let it run back down?
  9. Well, For the time being I guess I am going to have to run it as is, As its my main transportation and I got no money to purchase a leakdown tester
  10. Only one vent line, And yes its clear as it has pressure out it when engine is running. Its strange that this engine has no filter or valve between the vent and airbox
  11. Since I have had this Yamaha Timberwolf it has had the problem of blowing oil out the breather, Also if I am running it down a road and look back I can smell oil, So I assume its burning it as well, Plug is a light brown in color. Goes through about a quart in about 7 hours of run time, Some of which ends up in the breather box, How can I remedy this? It has good compression (Rated is 128PSI) 125PSI. And starts without problem with the electric start. I am out of ideas and the cost of oil is killing me.
  12. I know a somewhat diff beast, But its been around 1C and mines been starting right up without the choke, Amazed me
  13. Looks more like a timberwolf, Due to the rear fenders
  14. Only has one vent line off the crankcase, and it does not seem to have a valve so its constantly getting pressure out it, I have a feeling thats where some of the oil in the air box is coming from,
  15. Can I ask the reason behind changing the oil so often? A car goes thousands of miles before a change, A garden tractor goes about 20 hours or every season for changes?

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