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2005 Suzuki King Quad 700 - Oil burning?

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Hello everybody,

I am the owner of a 2005 Kingquad 700 with 10251 km (6370 miles). I bought this ATV one year ago. Since I have this ATV, I have a high oil consumption. 20 fl.OZ each 150 miles.

Therefore I decided to change the piston rings and also the valve seals. The ring clearance was out of tolerance.

I did not change the piston and the cylinder. The clearance of the new rings are in the tolerance.

After the change of the rings and seals the problem seems not to be solved. :aargh:

The oil consumption is still the same. :mad:

The problem is that the ATV is not smoking blue (like oil burning).

The sparkplug is coffe brown in the middle and black outside. The spark plug is completely dry.

The coolant has a normal colour. No oil inside.

There is no oil leak.

The airbox is dry.

The engine is starting and running normally!!!!

I change also the oil type: 10W40 -> 10W50

Where is the oil going? I am sure that the oil is burned but why is the ATV not smoking blue ??? With this high oil consumption, I expected that the ATV smokes blue or the engine wouldn t run properly.

My next step would be to change piston and cylinder....

I am confused and it would be helpful if somebody have a good idea.

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Do you mean 20w50? I've never heard of 10w50. If it's not burning it has to be leaking somewhere. :yes:

* Added full year and manufacturer to thread title.

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Hello Oxidized,

The valves were dirty (oily), specialy the exhaust valves. I cleaned the valves and the valves seats (with grinding paste) completely.

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Did you machine the cylinder sleeve when you changed the rings? If not the rings might not of seated correctly possibly leading to oil slipping past the rings and being burned. Im not familiar with this atv but i would assume its water cooled. Maybe you have a bad head gasket too

Sent from my SGH-T989 using Xparent Blue Tapatalk 2

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