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A Little Snow Ride

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Yeah, haven't been on here much in a while ... but I have been rid'in !! :woot:

Went for a ride yesterday ... WHAT A GREAT DAY !! :partyc: ........ I also had some items I was testing out.

I bought a new Garmin Montana 600 GPS & I'll still try'in to learn how use the dang thing. Some of the functions are way different than the 60CXs I had. For one thing, the 60 had an option where you could save your tracks to the SD card ... but as of yet, I have NOT been able to figure out how I can save anything to the SD card.

The screen will also orientate to either landscape or portrait & you can set it so the screen "moves" as the GPS moves. (From either landscape to portrait while in your hand). Yesterday I'd be rid'in along & the dang screen would start rotating on it's own ... So I gotta look into that.

Next, I wanted to run the Pit Bull Growlers in some snow ... which they did pretty well ... but the snow was such I was work'in the motor pretty hard ... I'll be putt'in the tracks on this week ...

A guy has been making some speed correction Black Boxes for Can-Am's & wants me to test one out. So I did all the pre-test speed runs a week ago comparing what the speedometer reads compared to the GPS speed. Did the calculations & input the data into the Little Black Box and yesterday I compared the speedometer to the GPS to see how close my calculations came. I still have some math work to do, but I'm close.

Where this Little Black Box is gonna shine however, is when I put the tracks on. The BRP DPS Track Module I bought (at twice the money as this Little Black Box) is designed for the Can-Am Apache tracks which have 18 inch sprockets. And the sprockets on my tracks, which came off my Grizzly, are 17 inches in dia. So once I get the math part done & input the data into the Little Black Box ... my speedometer and GPS should match speed wise.

HOWEVER .... I've noticed, this is gonna be kinda tough to get it exact. The reason is, the GPS has tenths ... and when the bikes speedometer reads 30 mph, the GPS may read anywhere from 29.7 to 30.6 mph. And it's pretty difficult to get the GPS to hold one speed (constant) for very long.

And last but not least, I bought a new helmet camera. The Drift GHOST HD. After one day of videoing, I'm still out if I should have spent this money.

This GHOST camera is smaller, but uses different batteries than my other Drift cameras. So I had to buy two additional batteries. The batteries can only be charged while in the camera. The camera has a larger LCD screen (2 inch) which is nice. The wireless remote now has side lights so you know when it's on. When I first started trying to use the remote however, I was pretty ticked off cause I couldn't get the remote to work again to work once I turned the camera off at lunch time. After I got home & read the "Instructions" .... I found out you have to turn the remote on too !! Damn gadgets anyway ...

It will record in 1080p (25 & 30fps), 960p (25, 30, 48 & 50fps), 720p (25, 30, 50, 60fps), & a WVGA (25, 30, 50, 60, 100, 120fps) ... but the WVGA is only 848X480 size, where the others are 1280X720 or 960 & 1920X1080. It will also take photo's (at 11mpxl max) & you take a photo while in record mode. Like that's ever gonna happen while riding !!

I recorded this video in 720P and although I also did this with the other Drift cameras, on Youtube, they gave you the option to watch it in 1080p. So far however, the below video does NOT give me that option. So I may change my recording to 1080p. And I may need a better micro SD Card.

ANYWAY .... here's a short vid from yesterday .... Hope you enjoy it !! :seeyac:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbHx6iPyngU]07 Dec 2012 - A Little Snow Ride - YouTube[/ame]


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nice vid and good info Gunny. Thanks for the share !! :yes:

And THANKS for watch'in !! :cheers2c:


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Very nice Gunny !!:yes:You have more snow than us ! :no: Its been dry so far !

THANKS Nut Guy !! :cheers2c:

WOW, more snow than you've got & what we have I figure isn't crap ... oh well, I'll take what I can get I guess. :partyc:

And THANKS for watch'in Big Guy !! :seeyac:

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Nice video, I can't wait till you get to put those tracks to use. They turn that quad into a beast. I am hoping I get some snow I can play in this year. Once again we got some sleet and freezing rain while everyone else it seems got snow.

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Nice video, I can't wait till you get to put those tracks to use. They turn that quad into a beast. I am hoping I get some snow I can play in this year. Once again we got some sleet and freezing rain while everyone else it seems got snow.

Why ... Thank You ... THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the kind words Wylde Guy !! :bow2::bow2::bow2::bow2: ... wish my wife felt as excited as you & others for me to get the tracks mounted ... WHAT ?? :slash:

We got a little snow yesterday ... hopefully there's more where that came from ... we'll see ... :bs:


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