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2008 Suzuki Kingquad 400 - Won't Start

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i am pretty sure its an 08 to begin with .. and i sold it to a freind (i miss it so much but need the money more) for her son for x-mas .. he loves it so much he is always on it .. had it stuck (good) a few times and ran out of gas a few times

and now she says it wont crank no more .. the last time it was rode it ran out of gas, put on res. to get home, then the next morning they crank it moved backwards about 3 feet and killed out b/c no gas, they put gas in, but now wont start, it will turn over .. and she says the filter in the box under the seat is filling with (what she thinks) is strait gas .. she said they have changed the spark plug and still nothing .. wondering if i could get some ideas of whats wrong b/c her son is missing it bad .. and she hasn't paid me yet, not till taxs come in and i dont want her to change her mind and give me it back b/c it wont work no more .. ty in advance

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WELL if it was me i would go an take a look myself and see what its doing ...if its filling with gas then the float on the carb is stuck open ..an will prolly need removed and cleaned .. then i would definatly chainge the oil..and install another new plug ..then see if it will start ..if its dumping that much gas then the oil is going to be full of gas also..

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yeah i got it in 09 and changed the once .. but it just sat at my house for 2 years and rode for like 5 mins every couple months .. so would be due for an oil change .. and they said the blew the carb out .. but i havent seen it since i took it over there so idk what they have or havent tried yet .. so when i go i'll look at all that too .. just trying to get some ideas on what to look for when i go so i am not spending all day and get nothing done .. i am disabled and cant do alot my self and limited on my knowledge of 4wheeler repair .. any help would be great

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