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Suzuki LTF300 4WDX - Stripped Thread

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Hi all,

I have just bought a LT-F4WDX 300 and the front hub top ball joint retaining bole thread is stripped. Anyone got any ideas on what I can do?



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Thanks for the reply but I think I'd struggle to get a heli-coil in.

Anyone have any other ideas???



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    • By Muggzy
      Help! This hub has been soaking in liquid wrench for two days now. The hub puller in the picture has been on under tension with an impact wrench for 24 hours, removed and re-tightened at least twice in that time. I've tried smacking it from two sides simultaneously with ball peen hammers while under tension and also heating it until the liquid wrench began to smoke also while under tension and it's not budging. Anyone have any advice?

      Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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      Just got this 700 grizz and I'm adding a hitch ball on the back just for the sake of having a good trailer tie down point. Not sure what I'd be towing with the bike in the future but I suppose I'd like to get whatever ball size would be most common on the things I'd be likely to tow with an ATV.
      So which size yall think would be best...1 7/8", 2", or 2 5/16" ?
    • By toonces
      '11 700 Grizz here and I'm in the middle of disassembling one of my front knuckles to do a boot replace and I've most def reached a stopping point. So far I've got the caliper off as well as the 2 castle nuts for the knuckle and the 1 for the steering arm, but for the life of me I can't separate any of those joints the castle nuts were securing. I've beat on all of them using a big rubber mallet with no luck at all. Is there something else holding these joints together I haven't found maybe?
      My next ideas are to try to detach the shock from the lower control arm so maybe that'll give way a little easier, as well as letting some PB blaster soak into the joints before pounding on them again. Thought I should ask on her first before using the PB though.
      Last time I had to separate a joint like these was on my '96 Cherokee replacing one of my steering linkages. Had to get a special 2 prong fork tool to insert into the joint and pound away before it came apart. For some reason I don't think that'll be the answer for this one though.
      I'm all ears.
    • By Whiskey_Bravo
      First off, I have spent a week browsing your Forum, but now I must join and find answers, please assist.
      Soon to be retired US Marine, I live in the woods of Maine, I purchased a used ATV, listed above. I have a Clymers Manual. ( uuhh not real easy to read with out my crayons and Pop-up pictures).
      When Purchased, I knew it needed work. This is a father son project ( he is 13), in parts, in the basement..
      no brakes, electrical wire dis-allowed the electric starter to work, ( fixed easily) choke frozen, rear bearings shot, close to impossible to start, stop light brake switch electric broken, speedo cable broken.
      Description of work done:
      1- new rear bearings-purchased "boss bearings"
      2-new choke cable and assembly - was stuck in the carb, and cable was frozen
      3-new rear bushings on suspension arms- were frozen/seized during the bearings removal
      4-new front, rear breaks,- drums being turned this week at local machine shop
      5-brake master cylinder-top screw being tapped out- .. was stripped and broken
      6-miscilaniouse OEM parts and bolts ordered from Partzilla and Rockymoutnain parts- so far good fits: bushings, bushing bolts, air filter assembly, choke assemble, wheel brake cylinder: springs/gaskets bolts, master cylinder rebuild kit.
      to be fixed- ANY AND ALL Advice to all next steps:
      1-Wheel Brake Cylinders to be rebuilt- cylinders in local machine shop being "honed"
      A- hints and suggestions ? I have new gaskets, bolts, rubber, and springs. OEM
      2- I need a New Muffler Exhaust: Hard to find?? any ideas?
      3- Speedo Cable assemby on order
      4. MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION AND HELP: Carburator engine NOT starting:
      below is what I know to be true:
      a. reassembled carefully back in place after choke assembly was replaced
      b. checked ALL Fuel lines, steady streams !
      c. Starter switch works-
      d. spark plug is not fouled, blue spark, damp.
      e. electric is working
      f. tried eather / quick start - NO catching of spark to make engine go "vroom"
      g. no visible oil or fuel leaks on engine head or crank case
      h. when inspecting air intake at filter, it appears the carb is shooting air back into the filter, NOT into the carb..?? this normal??
      Well, I hope this didnt bore you, and you can provide some insight on all or any items? Help this Marine out please?
      Frankfort, Maine..USA
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      1995 350 Yamaha Wolverine 4x4. Are the dif gear splines harder material than the axle splines? If so can I replace just the axle itself? Also what other years and/or models interchange?
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      I took front brakes apart recently and found pistons frozen in calipers. Havent been able to find cheap calipers for this bike
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