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Last Track Ride of the Season

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Went rid’in yesterday (12 Mar 2013), had the best snow conditions this year :hurrayc: ... however, because our weather has turned off warm, I figured this will be the last track ride of the season. :aargh:

Now, as you’ll see in the video, there’s lots of snow on top at 8500 to 9500 ft. However, its 15 miles from the staging area to the trail were we ride, play & sometimes, practice digg’in ourselves out of bad situations. :coolgleamAc:

But it’s the lower elevations where we begin our rides that are melting so fast. :toetap05c:

The staging area where we unload the bikes is at 7200 ft and yesterday when my buddy and I returned to the truck it was 55 deg F. On the return trip to the truck, the last couple of miles or so of the groomed trail was slushy & wet & there were some spots that were almost bare of snow.

There are two other ways to get to the high country, but one trail is already muddy & the one we took yesterday will be bad in a day or two.

I must not have been the only one thinking this way because I’ve never seen so many sledders in the middle of the week enjoy’in the snow.

We saw lots of deer, a few moose & we came upon this skunk way up on top that was busy trying to get at something. He didn’t pay us no mind what so ever … however, I wasn’t get too close … I’ve been sprayed before & let me tell you … that smell will ruin the inside of nice truck !! … not to mention make you lose your lunch !! :vommit:

Oh yeah, did I mention we had a FREAK’IN BLAST !! :cheer:

Here’s a 7 minute video of the 6 hour, 50 mile ride we did. I’m trying out some new video editing software. This video was produced using Corel VideoStudio X6 and it seems to have some nice features. Hope you enjoy it.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej48CtEg53U]12 Mar 2013 - Last Track Ride of the 2012-2013 Season - YouTube[/ame]


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Dream Car Giveaway

THANKS Guys ... glad you still enjoy the vids I put together !!

I put my Pit Bull Growlers back on today & I will say, I'm look'in forward to do'in some round rubber rid'in !! :partyc:

Only thing is, this time of the year here ... the mud is a clay mixture that is like real sticky cement !! :aargh: ........ but I HAVE TO RIDE .... so I just deal with it !! :toetap05c:

Can't wait to get some maintenance things done so I can get out & feel the wind in me face again !! :woot:


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