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Qotd 8.16.2007

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Car wreck when I was 18. Put a Fiero through a telephone pole. I fell asleep. The rear view mirror came off and hit me in the face. If I hadn't have had my eyes closed it would have put one out. It also would have busted my teeth out had I not had braces at the time.

I bruised my liver, broke 4-6 ribs and a bone in my leg. I walked out of it though. I was in intensive care for 3 days and in the hospital for another couple. The stories I heard from other people and the local police were the best. I heard I was racing through town at over 100mph and all sorts of stuff.

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Can we get a story to go along with that?

Brainerd,Mn 1982 it all started about 3pm a buddy of mine

was a bar tender for a Night Club on Gull lake just North of

town I zipped up from Minneapolis in a '73 Impala I just took

in on trade it had a 400 small block and could that thing Fly !

Well after making it up North in record time it was off to the lake where it was Happy Hour and each round came with a pull

tab for the price of the round every round we cost the 3 of us

10 cents, so needles to say setting at the outside bar in the

sun next to the dock we were pretty comfortably numb by the

time Happy Hour ended at 7pm still waiting on another buddy

to show up and still being thirsty we stayed until about 8:30.

When buddy showed up nobody wanted to drive so buddy being the only sober one was going to run us back to the cabin

the he saw the Impala and wanted to drive that and that was fine by me,However I did tell say the thing has some power and to

take it easy...Well on the second corner trying to get into the

groove of the corner the RF tire caught the gravel next to the

asphalt and we started to slide and between hitting the gas &

over correcting across the road we went hitting an inbackment

and after a little air time the force of landing sent me and a buddy out the rear window into a swamp, good thing we had a

buzz on otherwise we would have been hurt more.

So after a meat wagon ride into town and some misc. Dr. bills

towing,storage & impound charge it kinda put a damper on the

weekend,but we still laugh about it.

I was able to drive the Impala back to Minneapolis however

it did not quite look or drive the same so we all pitched in and

made it into a stock car for dirt tracks and that was fun but that lead to the next division up and became more expensive

to run every weekend.

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I was skiing about 10 years ago and horsing around on the snow board trail where they had a bunch of jumps. I was doing these jumps all day long with no issues. At the end of the day I decided to be a "show off" and see how much air I could get. I ended up jumping off the ramp and landing incorrectly into the on ramp.....broke my leg in a couple of spots. :confused:

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