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1. I would pay off debt.

2. buy a new Truck.

3. a new car for my wife.

4. buy some land lots of land.

5. make a donation to church.

6. pay off immediate families stuff.

7. buy at least 3 new quads.

8. buy a new house

9. travel

10. invest wisely.

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1.) Donate Some to local Charity

2.) save come up for further education

3.) New jacked up truck

4.) New Atv of course

5.) New Snowmobile

6.) Buy some land for an ATV/Dirtbike track

7.) Travel

8.) New Boat

9.) Give some to the parents

10.) Put the rest in a C.D.

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1. Bigger house with a crap load of land.

2. Buy off everthing.

3. A few new atvs.

4. Buy a crew cab dually.

5. buy a Jeep Wrangler.

6. Donate some money to the Daneil Boone Trail in Hyden , Kentucky.

7. Buy a atv vaction house in Hyden , Kentucky.

8. Take a Cruise with my wife.

9. Send my Parents on a cruise.

10. Set money aside for my childern's future.

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1) Buy a house with some land

2) Buy a new truck (bigger)

3) Get a toy hauler of my own

4) Get a load of new quads (So I can test them all(

5) Pay off all of my debt

6) Buy my Dad a trophy truck

7) Buy Playstation 3 so I can play MotorStorm.

8) Buy a big screen T.V. and a kickin surround system.

9) Make sure my parents and grandparents have enough to live on

10) Donate the rest to my Grandparents church.

This list is in no particular order. I would definitely choose my family first! I am just to lazy to type it all over again! =D

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