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Radiator and oil cooler cleaning.

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If you have liquid cooled or an oil cooled atv, here is a easy tip about cleaning the out side of the radiator or oil cooler.Especially if you have a fan on it. Take the nozzle off you garden hose and spray the radiator or oil cooler from the back side. Opposite direction of air flow.I was talking to a Honda mechanic about 5 years ago, they were having to replace Ruby trannys because of mud and dust plugging the fins of the radiator. I told them about how my dad cleans the radiator on vehicles. To make a long story short they told a guy who was on his 3rd tranny about that. He rod in nothing but mud. He tried this method and it works really good. I also found out it helped my friend with his Polaris's over heating problem. Dust was plugging it up. Hope this helps someone out there. We spend are had earned money on our toys. Hope this helps make someones quad last longer.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets some riding time in!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin::wink: :wink:

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You are Right about the cleaning of the Rads..... Good Tip....However,,,,If you have Access to Air during the Day it might be better in the Dusty Conditions....If you Clean it with Water it is best to Start out again after it has Dried....That Dust will just collect in there from the Get Go and Turn to mud in the Fins,,Resulting in the same Condition....I do this with my Tractor at work....If it will sit all weekend I will Wash it out.....If I have to use it,,,,Ill blow it out......:smile:

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The local radiator shop averages about 120 radiator repairs a year, because of the blow out method. When you blow it out it is like sandblasting, you have a better chance of cutting a core . But with water the dirt will go with the flow and not cut in. Also water house is more of a commom house hold tool than air.

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Hmmmmm,,,,Not saying your Wrong.....I believe you repair them....Just hard to take....Ive been using Air on Machines for over 20 yrs with no problems....However,,,,I do use Water when I wont be firing it up for at least 24 hrs....Running Tractors in MOON DUST with Wet fins = MUD.......

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I've seen alot of them in the 21 years I worked part time for dad, but I also saw people do things and never have a problem.Also watched people just look at stuff and it would just break.:eek::confused::huh::laugh:

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