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I just added a new quad to the family

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I just bought a very clean 03 Banshee! Now i have a warrior,300ex,grizzly and a banshee. Now my wife hates me!

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OMG! It is awesome! My buddy has a stock banshee and mine has FMF gold series pipes and mufflers and carbs been jetted. And i smoked him...lol The banshee is a awesome adrenaline rush, the speed and power is incredable. Im 31 years old and have never felt anything like it. I recommend it to anyone that likes tons of power and speed.

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Your banshee looks sick in that avatar!

Thank you, it has been a project of mine for about a year now when i got sick of riding a stock quad. Some recommendations that are really not to expensive but will make a big difference are VForce series reeds and find someone to shave the head. My 98 shee had the head shaved....man big difference. Another suggestion that i am going to do is the trinity 2-in-1 carb kit for 460 dollars and through an adjustable stator plate in and advance the timing by 4 or so.. Also you may want to check, but my shee ran alot better when i drilled holes in the airbox lid. Also get an ebrake block off kit and get the thors removal kit (if it still has the thors. I had tons of problems with the thors. But anything you need to do just search posts on bansheehq or make one and all those guys will tell you step by step how to perform the job. BTW there are 4 pics of my shee in my photo gallery!

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That is a sweet Banshee. I was just thinking last night how I would like to have one. Now I just have to find the cash.

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