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1992-98 Yamaha YFB250 Timberwolf 2WD Service Manual

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About This File

Service/Repair manual 1992-98 Yamaha YFB250 Timberwolf 2WD

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    • By Reece K.
      I just recently bought a 1994 Yamaha Timberwolf 4x4 from a buddy who had the wheeler sitting in his garage for 7 years. I got it home and fired it up pushed it out of the garage and tried to shift it and it wouldn't shift. First it would click like it was shifting, but the wheeler wouldn't move and when I hit the gas it revved up like I was in nuetral. After trying some more it became stuck in 1st gear and wouldnt shift at all. But it later broke loose agian and acts like it is in neutral again. I took the motor off the machine to make it easier to work on.After asking friends they were convinced it was a clutch problem but after opening up the casing for the clutch I don't see anything out of the ordinary and am concerned that it may be a transmission problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
    • By dhallftworth
      Hi everyone, I received a 98 Yamaha Timberwolf from my brother for free, and I'm working on getting it going. 
      I am having the following problem: 
      The engine is backfiring through the carb. 
      I have done the following to try and get the four wheeler running: 
      Rebuilt the carb and set the air screw to 1-1/4 turn out and the circlip at middle position 3
      Replaced the coil, because the cable was loose at the coil end
      Repaired the main ground, coming from the battery
      Replaced the ignition switch, because my brother couldn't find the key. New switch tested good
      Tested the kill switch and it tested good
      New coil tested goodfor both primary and secondary coils
      Pickup coil resistance is at 195, which is correct
      My source coil, is where I believe the issue is. The resistance is 310ohms, and it should be between 428-523ohms
      When I opened the stator housing, there was significant oil, which I have read is normal. Does it sound like I'm on the right track replacing the source coil? Could this be causing my backfiring issue? It looks like the source coil is part of the stator assembly, is this correct? 4BD-85510-20-00 STATOR ASSY
    • By gdustin2
      I need help my yamaha timberwolf won't fire I could get it to fire by tap the cdi box against the frame so I figure it was the cdi box so I replaced it it has new coil new cdi new solenoid and ignition but still no fire I was thinkin the pulsar coil but why would old cdi fire when tap it and start button quit work in so I have to cross solenoid with screw driver cause with start button wires all it does is click
    • By GMdieselman
      Well I'm new to the forum here, so first off hello to everyone. Well here is my really long story. I have a 1992 Timberwolf 250 and I'm having some problems with it. First off the starter is acting up. It will make a grinding noise when I am cranking in over, but not all the time, its only about 40% of the time. So I figured my starter drive was missing some teeth or the reducer gear or flywheel were. When I took the starter of everything was looking strong with no chips or missing teeth. After this I put the starter back on and with the spark plug out it would turn over and never miss a beat. As soon as I put the plug back in, it does the same thing, grinds 40% of the time. Is my starter drive bad or the whole starter? Any other suggestions?
    • By Spangie1076
      Ok guys i got a question for ya ?????? What rearend interchanges with a timberwolf or bigbear.... Will a 2 wheel drive fit a 4 wheel drive
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