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    @artis allen Welcome to QUADCRAZY! Thanks for sharing this info. I changed your topic title a bit and moved it into the Kazuma ATV forum. Is the website kazumausaparts.com? I would also check ebay and amazon. 😁
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    I live in the Boise Mountains in Ola, ID. I have a 2000 Suzuki 300 King Quad I'm fixing up. It's a great little hunting rig, and I've toted a fair amount of venison home with it.
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    I want to and plan to use GPS when I ride. So far most places I have been to are marked courses and is very hard to get lost. There is one that I plan to go to soon that is open trails in the woods type place with cabins so I plan to get one so we won't be getting lost. don't want to end up on the news. LOL. I downloaded apps on my phone that you can download places off network in case you lose signal but I want to really use GPS and my phone as a back-up.
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    That was a well fed coyote. My buck (2013) was measured at B&C 298 6/8". I'm guessing it was 300# on the hoof. By far the biggest buck I've ever shot. It was a real challenge loading it by myself onto the front of that Suzuki King Quad. Fortunately I had the winch. Interesting antlers. I'm going to look into that power loader. Thanks for the tip.
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    I missed this topic, welcome @IDaman and great photos! Looks like a big buck and is that a coyote or small wolf? Every time I see a pic of a deer kill, I think of that great day power loader.....
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    Yeah I think that's really the only one out there, at least that's what comes up on a google search.
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    Yes, you got yourself a little workhorse there. The scenery is awesome. i would love to ride out there.
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    I'm not new to quads but new to this site. Its a great thing having a love for ATV's. Hopefully you got everything running.
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    I wouldn't completely trust the indicator because I've had an ATV that someone tinkled with and had the wiring wrong. The gears could be bad it it shifts into 3rd and reverse easily but not into 1st and 2nd. It should struggle at first in 3rd gear because its a higher gear but should run smoother at higher speeds. In my case, one of the shifting forks came loose inside and it couldn't engage in 1 or 2.
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