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  1. artis allen

    artis allen

  2. I've been working on a wiring diagram for the Kazuma Cougar 250. I've already started doing the connectors and wiring for each connector. Its been taking awhile because some of my connectors were cutoff when I bought it as well as a new ignition switch was wired in so I had to do some backtracking from the splice. Anyway, I hope to have it finished here shortly and I will try to post it soon. I have a very hectic schedule between working and school or else I would have already had it posted. Hopefully this will help someone when its finished.
  3. I HATE people who steal stuff. I'm sorry about someone's selfishness, stealing your grandson's ATV.
  4. I'm looking forward to hitting alot of these trails. Hit the ones in West Texas and New Mexico area and a few in DFW. BTW....cool looking machines you have.
  5. I want to and plan to use GPS when I ride. So far most places I have been to are marked courses and is very hard to get lost. There is one that I plan to go to soon that is open trails in the woods type place with cabins so I plan to get one so we won't be getting lost. don't want to end up on the news. LOL. I downloaded apps on my phone that you can download places off network in case you lose signal but I want to really use GPS and my phone as a back-up.
  6. Thats looks like an awesome ride and an adventure
  7. Yes, thats the site. It comes in handy for all the parts I needed so far. They helped even on questions I had about the gearbox.
  8. Yes, you got yourself a little workhorse there. The scenery is awesome. i would love to ride out there.
  9. I'm not new to quads but new to this site. Its a great thing having a love for ATV's. Hopefully you got everything running.
  10. I bought a Kazuma Cougar 250 from a guy who used to fix ATV's but wanted to get rid of all his machines because he's "too old" and wants to quit fixing them, from what he says. anyway, One of the machines I bought was this Kazuma which I can't find any parts for it, or very little parts. I found one website that still sells parts, which I'm thankful. For the internal parts, I had to refer to the Honda Rebel 250 for parts. I had to buy 2 new pistons and gasket set and I couldnt find the parts so I did some research and found that alot of the parts are similiar so I ordered it and it was a match. I also used the manual for the Honda Rebel/Nighthawk and use this information to disassemble and assemble the motor. Very helpful for anyone who has one of these things. If anyone has more info on these things, please feel free to post.
  11. Did someone shave the shifter lever? As far as I know, they had either a 3 speed foot shifter or D-N-R shifter lever. I would say automatic but I don't see where the clutch would be attached. I'm not totally knowledgeable about these but I can locate a friend who might.
  12. Is this one similar to the Cougar? The cougar is 2 cylinder, not sure about the Dingo
  13. I wouldn't completely trust the indicator because I've had an ATV that someone tinkled with and had the wiring wrong. The gears could be bad it it shifts into 3rd and reverse easily but not into 1st and 2nd. It should struggle at first in 3rd gear because its a higher gear but should run smoother at higher speeds. In my case, one of the shifting forks came loose inside and it couldn't engage in 1 or 2.

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