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  2. Well. It makes no noise for the first 2 minutes, than gradually starts. I found that the noise changes tones when I shift out to 1st and back into neutral. The engine is strong! Ive read on some other forums about the clutch bearing going out and sounding like a knock. Next I guess I will remove the cover and inspect it. I will let you know what I see. I know the history of the quad and its never been rode hard, but it has sat for 2 years so I bought it with the intention of working out a few bugs. Im not ready to hear that it needs a crankshaft yet tho
  3. Ok, I have an earlier thread but I thought id start a new one since things have changed. To my amazement amy Kawasaki 300 started on the first pull this morning and has everytime now. It runs and shifts out just like it should. Its making a not so good knocking sound from the right side cover tho. I pulled out my stethoscope(prybar) Im really started to question if the clutch berring is coming apart. If I ride this thing and it completely goes will it destroy the engine? How hard is it to replace this berring? Is there anything else in that area of the engine that tends to fail and make a knocking noise? It sounds like its coming from the cover where is says Kawasaki. Thanks for the help.
  4. After regaining arm strength I pulled on it some more and found that it will start up and run if I fully open the throttle while pulling. It's still making the engine noise. At first it made no noise but it gradually got louder. Sounds like it's coming from the right side cover. I let it run for about ten minutes than took it for a ride. It has plenty of power and shifts out good. The engine noise never stopped tho. Could this be the carb? I did use starting fluid to start it up and it makes that same kinda knocking noise that engines do when you first start it on the stuff. I don't think I did any damage with the small amount I used but if your familiar with engines it might help to explain what the knock sounds like. I'm going to order a carb kit and probaly clean it out until then. I hope this takes care of the noise
  5. So I bought my first quad for 300 bucks. It looks to be in good shape and everything is there. The starter is cracked, so I got a new one on the way. Impatiently I have been pulling on the string and it fired up today and ran for a couple of minutes. It sounded great, but when I attempted to throttle it up and turn the choke down it stalled and did not start back. It made somewhat of knocking noise for a few turns after the stall. Sounded like it was possibly flooded with fuel. After letting it sit for little while the noise stopped while pulling it but the engine never started again. My arms could not take anymore pulling for one day. I was told the quad has set for about 2 years. So I am concerned the carb could be gummed up. After everything so far do you guys think im on the right track? Should I pull the carb off and clean it or does the 2 minutes of run time tell me that its probably ok? If I remove the carb how does the choke cable come off the carb? Im an automotive mechanic by trade but new to the atvs. Any help to get this thing running so I can hit the trails sooner would be great. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am new to the forum. I just picked up an 89 Kawasaki bayou 300 4x4 and I noticed I have the same 2 wires that do no go to anything. I got mine started today but it only ran for about 2 minutes.

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