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  2. You can get a manual at Rocky Mountain ATV. Best place for parts? Check the site sponsors here. You also have tons of choices on the web. Rocky Mountain ATV, Motosport.com, Chapparal Motorsports, ebay, etc. I could keep going
  3. Some trail riding in Washington State [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr1RZNto57E]Helmet Cam Creed HD - YouTube[/ame]
  4. This is from the Hangover Hare Scrambles on January 1rst at Washougal MX Park. Washington. I been doing this race every year since 2007. This is from this year. Keep in mind Im 51 years old, used to a Honda 450R and riding a stock LTZ 400 for the 2nd time ever and the suspension on that quad kinda sucks. But, I had a blast [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUKSSdTO734]2014 JCTRA Hangover Hare Scrambles at Washougal-Quads - YouTube[/ame]
  5. I just checked out your ATV Trail Search. Very cool and nice job setting that up. Its very easy to navigate. I checked out Oregon and Washington. A few areas have been posted for Washington. I can add a couple more. Not much has been added for Oregon so far, so I will add some places soon as I can.
  6. One more Washington member here. (Woodland) SW Washington area. I know of a few cool places in Washington, but Browns Camp down in Oregon is my favorite though.
  7. Hi, Im Mike. My buddies call me Mikey. I was a member here a few years ago and couldnt remember my user name or what email account I used. After several different tries, I gave up and reregistered. Born and raised in the south, but I now live in Woodland Washington and ride a 2006 Suzuki LTZ400. I got into quads in 2006. Ive owned a few quads since, including a couple Honda 450Rs, 250EX, a Blaster and a 400EX. So far, Im pretty happy with the Z. My preference is riding trails in the woods, but the the Oregon dunes are fun too. Riding with my buddies is cool, but for me nothing compares to riding with my 9 year old son who rides a 2003 Honda Sportrax 90, and 2009 Yamaha TTR 50 dirt bike which is starting to get too small for him. My son prefers 2 wheelers and I prefer quads. Recently, I picked up a little 2002 TTR 125 dirt bike (shoulda got a 250) for myself so we could both be on two wheels if hes on his dirt bike that day. Anyway, I love to ride. Its like the ultimate escape. Riding quads is my 2nd biggest passion in life. My son is my 1rst and foremost passion in life and what matters more than anything in this world. I dont have my son full time. Those of you who are with your kids, be greatful. Part time is hard. Im all about my kid. Riding or playing with Legos. Doesnt matter. We go ride whenever we can. Watching his skills progress is so cool. I also have a small practice track at my place on 2 acres for me and him to play around on. Thanks for reading my autobiography lol

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