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  1. Is Rapidshare down???? Never mind I see now.. That sucks!!!
  2. Hey All, Just purchased a 2000 Suzuki Quad Master 500 4x4, and like all the quads I have owned, and still own I like to have a service manual for them. I noticed Oxidized Black listed a 02-07 Quad Master in his Manual Sticky. I got it, but there are some differences like the 2000 has a Mikuni Carb. and the 02-07 has a Kehein Carb. that has been the first difference so far. It would just be nice to have the correct year manual. If anyone knows where I can find a free download it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know where I can find a 2000 Quad Master 500 service manual for free. Oxidized Black put up a 02-07 500LTA but I am finding some differences in the year models. For one the 2000 uses a Mikuni Carb. and the 02-07 uses a Kehein Carb.

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