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  1. Hello Sir twistytom If by NO spark you mean lights work but when you pull the spark plug and insert it into the resister cap holding it to the head and turning over the motor NO spark from the plug? Then I would first check with new plug then if still NO spark use a cheap test light Harbor freight sells cheap smart test lights that have a green light to show ground and red for hot for about $15 . Look on your crank case there will be 2 wires coming out of it at some place in the covers seem this is your pick up coil stab the probe into one of those 2 wires with the key on and you should get a ground or a hot the spin the motor over if the light does not flash from green to red or red to green as the motor is spinning the pick up coil is bad and that = no spark. I hope this helps you Sir
  2. Hello all ya'll guy's and gal's out there. I have been a member for some time and just kinda sit back and learn from the info from those of you who have been in this sport or in my case hobby for a long time. I recently bought (5 months ago) a 1998 Kawasaki Prairie 400cc 2 wheel drive in very good condition here in Florida for $1500 cash. I did all the normal stuff rebuilt the carb cleaned out the tank oil+filter air filter and spark plug and cleaned up the rear drum brake system, Front brake master will not spit so gonna have to pull that apart and soak as well as rebuild it I also bought some Kenda Bearclaw tires for the rear for $152 shipped (not yet installed) I was wondering has anyone installed a front wentch on this model? and if so what brand? and can it be mounted some what flush to the front? Any info about this and anything ells that you could tell me both good or bad about this ATV would be very much appreciated , THANK YOU ALL AND HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!!
  3. Hey guy and gals I'm a new-be here an just need a lot of help So please forgive me if I'm doing this wrong! First off My name is Rob and thanks for having me here you'll. I just acquired a 1997 farm hand bayou 300 4x4 that is in need of a lot of TLC I traded the fella even up for and old Yamaha street bike I had about $850 into that ran good and did not leak or burn oil but still needed many minor things like brake worked seat and so on So about the Bayou-it runs starts right up and all but is missing some things like the front and rear racks clutch lever and small plastic cover in front of handle bars My issue is that the fella said he put new piston & rings in it about a week ago and checked out the clutches like I said it runs and I know I should have taken more time to check everything out so when I got it home I found out there was no air breather and I can't see how one would have even fit on there the way the carb is so close to the inner frame rail under the seat on it and it started leaking oil pretty bad from the clutch cover (it was clean oil though light in color) The quad is not bad lookin and I can weld up some racks for it but I really need a service manual for this old work horse!!!!! I have no issue following directions other than sometimes giving my own creative touches LOL ANY HELP WOULD BE SO MUCH APPRECIATED THANK YOU AND HAVE A BLESSED DAY ROB

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