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  2. Hey Guys my brother has a 2007 Wolverine that has a charging problem I really don't know what all he has done to it to try to fix it, but I do know that the guy he got it from had had the charging system gone through about 2 years ago. I runs like a spotted butt ape and everything works great on it, 4 wheel drive and all but if you use the lights you have to charge the battery up before it will crank again. He uses it for going to his tree stand and used a head light all last hunting season to drive before daylight and after dark which ain't bad because we are so far back in the woods we don't see a lot of traffic if any we have communication with each other so I really ain't got a problem there. But back to the machine if anybody has any I ideas about where we might start looking let me know. I just don't know what or where to start. Thank Guys hope to hear from ya'll soon. Confused:
  3. heyI cant get the manuals to open what s up help me out.
  4. Hey Man, How do you down load the manuals I really need the 2009 500 EFI 4X4 help me out. Thanks Shine E Dawg
  5. Hey Man do you have a manual for a 2010 ranger 500EFI. I'm having trouble with the brake switch. You have hold the brake to start the engine I hold the brake and nothing happens. Just a little help please.
  6. I really the wiring for the brake switch but would like to have the whole manual
  7. Hey can anybody help find a download for Ranger 500 EFI Side X Side

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