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    Polaris Predator 90 oils

    Hangingon: Yes my Predator is a two stroke,and has the oil tank under the seat. The 7 y.o. & 6 y.o. grandsons had a blast driving the quad.
  3. Firewalker

    Polaris Predator 90 oils

    Oxidized-Black: Sorry for the late reply I kept trying to log on for about a month and couldn't get through. Thanks for the Oils info. I guess I'll just "bite the bullet" when the time comes to replenish the fluids. My daughter and her husband had a problem with this quad for awhile before they gave it to me....wouldn,t start with the starter button. I finally figured out that the brake switch was bad. Replaced it and the quad starts fine with the starter button.
  4. Firewalker

    Polaris Predator 90 oils

    Keithert: Sorry for the delayed reply. I couldn't log on to this site for a month. Didn't buy it, my daughter and her husband gave us the predator 90 and a 2001 Bombardier DS650. The DS650 is REEEaly fast.
  5. Firewalker

    Calling all Bombardier/CanAm Ryders

    Just acquired a 2001 ds650 model 7449. Been riding at Ocotillo Wells. Only problem is when riding for about an hour the engine cuts out and POPS through the muffler like someone is shooting a gun, but idles flawlessly if I release the throttle. Shut it down for 10 minutes, restart, and it runs fine for a while. Any ideas??
  6. Firewalker

    Polaris Predator 90 oils

    Hi: Just acquired a 2003 predator 90 and bought some Polaris injection oil (VES) and gear oil (AGL) from the dealer to the tune of $15 per quart for each type. Anyone know of more reasonably priced alternatives?? Thanks, Rick
  7. Firewalker

    Mud run

    Did you actually flip it???
  8. Firewalker

    Chocolate Milk Mud

    Love this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Firewalker

    Quartzville Backcountry

    Very cool!!!Â
  10. Firewalker

    Y didn't you enter this one for the 2 wheels contest????Â
  11. Firewalker

    what the hell are you doing to that tree?
  12. Firewalker

    carnage canyon, look at the size of the rock compared to Brittney

    Carnage Canyon is soooo gnarly!!!!!!! Didn't realize you lived in Colorado like me! Gots to go riding sometime!