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  2. CrazyK

    Chain Oil / Heat Tape?

    What? Your suppose to oil the chain? Just joking, sorry I just had to do it.
  3. CrazyK

    Is this a 1991 Suzuki QuadRunner 300 4WD?

    I found this forum. Can't hurt to give it a try.. Click Here>suzuki lt f4 1991 wdxm forum The same site has a parts list. Click Here>suzuki partsmanual fiche lt f4 1991 wdxm partslist Maybe you can find everything you need there, but don't leave us. I also would like to see a picture of your quad if you can. (It's a Quad Thing)
  4. CrazyK

    Grandma gets tased

    Yeah, just because you're old doesn't give you the right to break the law and not listen to an officer of the law you're breaking.
  5. CrazyK

    Oregon Sand Dune Video in HD

    Wow that video makes me want to go to Christmas Valley now.. Haha
  6. CrazyK

    Oregon Sand Dune Video in HD

    Nice Video.. Where was it filmed at?
  7. CrazyK

    What Cell Phone Do You Own?

    I have the BlackBerry Storm 9530 from Verizon. I can surf Quadcrazy, craigslist,weather bug and more. And yes it has a camera:biggrin: . So far I like it.
  8. CrazyK

    Quartzville Backcountry

    Yeah it's a mine. 20 years ago you could go in and look around. How time changes things.
  9. CrazyK

    Yamaha Warrior Rev Limiter

    Yeah, I read that Yamaha did that to remind you that your parking break is on....
  10. CrazyK

    Yamaha Warrior Rev Limiter

    Wow, I guess I better watch the rev's then. Last thing I want to do is blow it up. Thanks for the info it's a good thing to know.. CrazyK