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  1. It's my nickname around the tracks. Ask most people in District 34 who I am, and they won't know my name - They'll only know "Lady Hollywood". It's on my chesdt protector and my graphics & number plates. ;-)
  2. My husband and I both race motocross - I bought him the Z-Start Pro series Rekluse last year for Christmas. Ordered it before it was even available for the YFZ450. He loved it. I'd definitely go with the Z-Start Pro series if you are going to get one, and not want to do as much maintenance on it. I have heard horror stories on the regular Z-Start when maintenance wasn't done. But, also have heard stories like the previous poster too :-)
  3. Hahahah! I love you Cyber Monday shoppers!!! My "corporate american monkey" monday - friday job is working at an internet advertising agency. :-) Go buy stuff!! Woo hoo!!
  4. Well, here's my machine! Or, what WAS my machine! She has been taken apart and parted out as there is a new custom machine being built right now! I will miss this one!!! And here's my husband and I with my step daughters before the youngest's race!
  5. Hey everyone! So I can't believe I JUST joined this forum! I've heard about it for a while now, but I just signed up now! Shame on me!!! :-) Anyway, the name is Kristen, known around the tracks as Lady Hollywood and I am 25. I started riding quads September of 2006 and entered my first race about 2 hours later. (So dumb!!!) In 2007, I finished the season in AMA D34 1st overall in the women's class, 8th overall in Open C and 10th overall in Collegeboy 16-24. For 2008, I have full support from Boss Offroad Racing in Julian PA and will be racing the WPSA. I just got married on October 20th to Jeff, and with it I now have 2 beautiful step daughters. The whole family races, too! :-) I live in Orange County NY, but lived in Northern Jersey most of my life. I work for an interactive advertising agency in Manhattan, but run small internet ad jobs on the side as a side business. I love riding and racing, it's already stuck in my blood!!! :-) That's my story! :-)

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