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  1. well, now u know how to change the oil, could u look inside to see if the bolt on the side was a drain plug? or did u pull it out to see if it was a drain or a fill plug?
  2. take off the "oil drain cover" (plate) an see if theres a drain bolt there.
  3. does the front of your manual "decode" the numbers?
  4. I dont know ,does the manual show a pic?
  5. Is the repair here as simple as; 1. Removing the skid plate. 2. Taking the oil drain cover off 3. Replacing the cover and bolt 4. Carefully reattaching the oil drain cover to the case (I know there is an O ring in there etc.)? notice #2 take DRAIN COVER OFF
  6. that mite b the fill plug, sometimes the skid plate will cover the plug ,if u hav enough clearance u mite get a good lite an a mirror an c if u can spot it ,on the flip side u mite hav 2 take the skid off.
  7. look up the serial numbers that should tell u a lot
  8. hav u tried Lowes ,Home depot,hardware stores or even auto parts store.

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