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  1. When I use the electric start, the starter motor turns just fine. But the engine won't kick over. But it will bump start if I how it behind a truck. Starts and runs. Anyone have any suggestions as to why it won't electric start? Its got a new battery in it.
  2. I loosened the 3 bolts that hold the plate. Oil started pouring out when I broke the seal. What a fuktup setup. Lol thanks for your help!
  3. I have the manual pdf, on my PC. I'll check it when I get home.
  4. It shows a 17mm plug that can be unbolted through an access hold in the skid plate. There's no plug on the underside of the engine at all.
  5. The engine has this stamp, J416-114443. Does anyone know what they mean?
  6. Does the drain cover have 3 bolts?
  7. I removed the front skid plate bolts and let it swing down. The only bolts on the bottom of the case, are the 3 small ones that hold a square plate underneath the oil filter area. The only other place I can think, is on the lower rear case next to the reverse gear sending unit. Its a 17mm bolt with a brass compression washer. It's just strange to me that it's not on the underside. It is low on the case though.
  8. OK. That's easy enuff, or so it would appear. Thanks for your response, I appreciate that.
  9. Is there a starter relay? If you have a multimeter, check the start button first. Then the relay. It's got to be one of the two.
  10. 1987 Suzuki LT230E, Manual shows the drain plug on the underside of engine, accessible through a hold on the skidplate. No plug there. Only other place I see a possible, is on the lower rear case, on the side not the bottom. Anyone know?
  11. 1987 suzuki LT230E, manual shows the plug on the underside of engine. Not there. There's an access hole in the skid plate, but no plug. I see a possible plug on the backend of the engine case. Its not underneath but on the low part of the case. Facing the swing arm. Is that it?
  12. Hey, does anyone have a pdf for service manual on an LT230? Having some issues.
  13. just got a 1987 LT230, wont start, looking for a service manual, pdf. I would appreciate it.
  14. Hi, just signed on. from Anza, Ca i have a su1987 Suzuki Quadsport LT230. does'nt run. looking for a service manual.

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