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  2. ok it will start up an run but quits a lot till it gets warm, but has a bad miss an wont idle, I have a brand new Honda carb on it, good gas flow, new plug, but when I let the throttle go below a quarter, it backfires through carb an tail pipe:confused: so it has never had any electrical work or mechanical work done...it just started all the sudden, I'm think it may have ignition coil breaking down, or cdi box going bad...anyone had this trouble before? let me know what you did to fix it. thanks:skeptic:
  3. I'm working on a 2001, Recon 250 that wont idle either, it revs fine till you let off the throttle, but it backfires through the carb an exuast, so I'm going to change the cdi box, an then the coil, only reason,,,is because we have another one that runs fine, so ill just try them to find out if it fixes the problem, then if you think yours is doing what I described, this may be a fix for your recon, ill let you know
  4. hope I'm in the right place, not real good with forums yet, but its great to be apart of this forum:laugh:

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