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  1. Hello there, that number does NOT look like a VIN.! If it’s a Japanese quad the 1st symbol is ‘J’ followed by a series of numbers and letters.
  2. I found mine but, took a lot of photoshop to reveal it.
  3. Thanks out there, I’ve also got a 1990 Big Bear 350 and I’m having the same problem. Sometimes it runs perfect but, then intermittently misses and farts. I don’t think the Big Bear can change timing. It’s all in the Black Box. So I’m going to drain my tank, flush it and clean the petcock. Then change fuel filter and clean float bowl. 👍🏻
  4. Where is the VIN number on a 1990 350 Big Bear? I need it to buy parts for my quad.
  5. Hi, I’ve also found bad connections in the spark plug housing. Reach in there with a slot head screw driver and unscrew it and check it out. Just sayin’
  6. Hi there, I’ve got a 1990 Big Bear 350cc and was having trouble getting it going. I tried just about everything. I even bought a CDI unit. Well it turned out to be a faulty carburetor. I bought a single cable one and it works great. So…I’ve got an extra CDI unit that I’d like to sell. $150 Canadian + shipping I’ve also got a completely rebuilt dual cable carburetor that cost me $495 ca. I’d sell it for $300 Canadian ( [email protected] ) I live in BC
  7. Well, so far so good 👌🏻! Runs great! The Chinese carb does leak a bit, but I think I’ve got to lower the float. It doesn’t leak on level ground. Now to quiet it down. Can the muffler be repacked? I just got a new baffle for it. Looked everywhere to no avail!
  8. Let’s talk noise! I’ve just got my 350 Big Bear running smoothly with lots of power. But…a wee bit NOISEY! Bought a new baffle and am ready to install it, question is, do I need to re-pack the muffler before installation? Or can I re-pack?
  9. As a matter of fact 🙄, yes I did 😖! Well… I’ve still got my double cable original carburetor. I’ll have to replace the Chinese one cable carb. The Chinese carb was less than $80! Now I know why! Thanks
  10. Idles good, wide open ok, but midrange bad! What to do?
  11. Can the main jet needle and needle jet be changed? My midrange is way too rich!
  12. Barrysquad


  13. Somehow I lost all of my spark on my 350Big Bear, its a 1990. It ran well for maybe 3 days! Thought it was the carb. Cleaned it 4 times. It was losing power at midrange. Got worse and worse. Finally nothing! Are these good coils? I was thinking I could swap? 2002 Honda-200cc: primary 0.4(ohm-200) secondary 9.0(ohm20k) 1990 Yamaha-350cc: primary 0.8 secondary 11.0

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