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  1. Barrysquad

    1989 yamaha big bear 350 4×4

    Idles good, wide open ok, but midrange bad! What to do?
  2. Barrysquad

    1989 yamaha big bear 350 4×4

    Can the main jet needle and needle jet be changed? My midrange is way too rich!
  3. Barrysquad


  4. Barrysquad

    1990 350 Big Bear NO SPARK

    Somehow I lost all of my spark on my 350Big Bear, its a 1990. It ran well for maybe 3 days! Thought it was the carb. Cleaned it 4 times. It was losing power at midrange. Got worse and worse. Finally nothing! Are these good coils? I was thinking I could swap? 2002 Honda-200cc: primary 0.4(ohm-200) secondary 9.0(ohm20k) 1990 Yamaha-350cc: primary 0.8 secondary 11.0