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  1. I rode for about 6 hours on Saturday. Rode at a place called Red River Motorcyle Trails. Red River Motorcycle Trails, Inc. Really fun place.
  2. Why does it keep taking me to the second page??? Sorry...I thought it was under my last post, but it took me to the a different page. So yeah...just ignore me.
  3. Some of us aren't guys. And I have seen a few women post.
  4. Just riding for fun right now. Never know what will happen in the future.
  5. Just dirt and gravel (one place has a gravel pit) right now. I've only had it a few weeks now. I hope to ride sand soon. I've ridden at Rocky Ridge Ranch (goof name for it since it is VERY rocky there in some places), Trophy Club (formally known as Marshall Creek), and then out at my lakefront property around the gravel roads and grassy/dirt areas.
  6. Is it still on the truck or did I miss a link or post to it?
  7. Red River Red River Motorcycle Trails, Inc. Rocky Ridge Ranch (north of Decatur) 940-466-3792 (can't find a website) Trophy Club - used to be called Marshall Creek (you need an OHV sticker...they sell them there) Trophy Club, Texas List of riding areas in TX. Off Road Riding Areas
  8. lol...Too funny, wheeler. I like the smilies, too. Thanks for the welcome to you and quadcrazy.

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