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Who went riding this weekend?


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I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday on my Grizzly riding the trails we have here at our house but mostly working off of the Grizzly. The poison Ivy has come out of the woodworks and I have been busy with a swingblade, weedtrimmer and sprayrig trying to take care of the poison ivy before it gets out of control. Hopefully next weekend I will be able to just ride :wink:

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Yeah great photos Stoopidbot. I finally got my bike running last week and am still working on getting all back together. I wanted to get it washed and finished this weekend but rain and stuff got in the way. I will have it together this week for sure. I am trying to find somewhere to go ride "put around" to break-in my bike. I am so wanting to go ride.

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I didn't get out this weekend but I did go last weekend.A friend and I went to Badlands offroad park in Indiana. Badlands Off Road Park - Indiana, 4x4, ATV, motorcycle riding, sand dunes, mud pits, rock crawling It was my first time to that riding area.I didn't get any pictures this time;but next time for sure!We had a really good time but it was a little overcast and semi wet/cool.I'd never rode on sand before;I can see why everyone talks about going to Glamis&Pismo now.It was awesome!!:wink:I was really sore the next 2 days though.It was my first long ride of the year(about 6-7 hrs)

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Stoopidbot1, those are some great action shots. Is she a photographer?

I wish I went riding...but we had some stuff to do.

Thanks! Photography is a hobbie of hers. She likes taking pcks of me, I like to show off for the camera. It's a perfect balance. She takes some amazing pics. Between her and Ridin' Dirty Racin's photographer I have countless great photos of myself riding. It is a great little bonus to a perfect day of riding, to get home and see it.

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we went riding saturday at houston valley(also known as k part, and taylors ridge)

we got about 5 hours in, me and my buddy found an awesome double :cheer2:

hey bot wheres ur visor dude? haha

Ha, funny thing about that! I was driving the Rhino off the trailer and my gear bag was on the trailer right behind the Rhino. I went in reverse and rolled right over my bag. 2 helmets and a chest protector in my bag and I only broke my visor. I think I came out good. Very "STOOPID" move, in front of the whole family.:laugh:

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