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  1. Good tip! My bolts are bent on the bottom of my quad. I need to look into some skids.
  2. This is exactly what I was looking for. Great information. This site is awesome.
  3. So is the CDI box basically a "coil" like you have on a modern automotive engine?
  4. I just use the pay pressure washer at the car wash top spray the mud off and then wash it at home with car soap and the hose.
  5. What is a good option for a 13 year old that is dying to get her very own atv to ride? Thanks in advance for your recommendations. I currently own a Polaris Sportsman 570 and have been happy with the Polaris sportsman line but have ruled out other brands.
  6. Riding on the beach would be fun but I do not think it is allowed.
  7. Just like the poster above, I was wondering if this place is still open. I am assuming no since the og post was from 9 years ago.
  8. Would love to hear more about what you guys are using to mount the gps. Or are most just throwing it in the storage and getting it out when stopped? I have a couple of Garmin products (truck gps unit & Fenix watch) and have been really happy with them. I've been wanting to use something when riding too.
  9. What tire gauge are you guys using? My stick pressure gauges that I tend to use for truck tires is not very accurate at the pressures needed for atv tires (5-8psi) I am just curious what others are using and have had good luck with. Thanks

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