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  1. NY?! is there good riding out there?
  2. yeah, i would really love to but as of right now only my boyfriend/friends supports me. No one else does in the fam, plus with him racing i just haven't got the time! but when i get older and can fully support my own career you bet i'll be out there!
  3. yeah, i think it's gonna look pretty damn sweet, and im a girly girl too but i can only take so much pink. =]
  4. here is my entry.. kinda gay but eh.
  5. yes i did! and hopefully i can meet another couple of ca riders, are you socal norcal or central?
  6. i am a student til about 4, then i am pitcrew for the boyfriends racecar soo i do that when he's in season [now]. the other months out the year i work on the qaud/jack off. the boyfriend's dad owns a water well drilling business so he does before school/after. soo if you live in ca let me know and we can drill your well. =]
  7. i am bored. i have polished/waxed lucy til there is nothing left of her, and i have eaten allll that i cant fit into this teeny stomach of mine. don't i sound like a fun time? haha. no but this week has been EXHAUSTING so i have decided to reward myself with a nice peaceful weekend, but so far it's been boring.
  8. i am going to take a picture tonight. =]
  9. wow. that looks badass! mine's getting done hot pink.[ like HOT ,almost red] remember, you are on the ladies page. =] haha. but i gotta get new riding gear or else that would be like a pink bomb went off. and as for the trx450's.. i smoke 'em on the dragstirp. every.single.time. buuut then again none of like that THAT. :]
  10. thanks.. the dune pics were the first time i got to try out my new handlebars/ +2 axle and i absolutely LOVE it! it's sooo much less bump steer, which was a huge issue wih my small arms. this summer i'm getting the elka dune edition shocks/frame powder coated, which im stoked for.
  11. too much pink for me, but it looks as if it makes someone a very happy girl! Does she ride a lot?
  12. i ride for fun, but do dragrace/race other people when i'm out.
  13. i always wear riding boots/pants/helmet/goggle/gloves. If it's cold then i'll wear my jersey but most of the time i have a t-shirt on.
  14. dunerider07


    Hi! 19 years, '04 yfz450 LE. i'm from the wonderful state of cali and would looove to get to know more riders from my area, so holla if your'e from ca.
  15. MySpace.com - Brittany - 19 - Female - California - www.myspace.com/yamahagurly
  16. 04 yfz450 LE. just got all of her stuff put on, new +2 rear axle, new protapers, cam mod, vapor computer system etc. i ride dunes/track/ trails.. whatever!

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