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  2. So I figured out the neutral light. It was the connection for the bulb. I always had 12v and ground was good. Neutral light is now working properly, but not reverse light. Still always ON. Having the wiring diagram doesn't help if I don't know where I should have 12volts and where not Termination of reverse circuit should be at bottom of the differential but that connection is damaged so I grounded to bolt for differential casing. I think that is my problem with reverse light always being ON. Where else can I terminate?
  3. Still having issues with the Neutral light not coming ON, and Reverse light always ON. Everything else seems to work. Appears to be with 12v side, as I have traced the SkyBlue back to ground and Green back to ground. Started to go through entire harness. I thought it was strange to find, multiple splices in the harness, that appear to be factory. All splices so far, are the same. Nice, thin, brass loop. Is this normally found in the factory wire harness?
  4. Thanks David. I'm still working on it. is been brutally cold this week.
  5. What did you find out? Were they the same? I also have (2) 93 Timberwolf's, but I haven't done the brakes yet.
  6. So I'm trying to figure out the year of one of my Timberwolf's. I have 4. 2 are definitely 1993's, as I can read the serial number on those. 1 has to be close to a 93, as the back rack and lug width (156) are the same as the 93's. The last one is killing me. Someone painted over the serial number. Listed are the differences Back rack is different. It goes through the plastics and will pivot on the rear attachment. Doesn't have the handles out the side, either. Doesn't have the loops coming out of front plastics. Foot rests are different. Lug pattern is 110. Everything I've read, says that the Timberwolf was produced from 92-98 and then changed name to Bear Tracker. Most parts are interchangeable through those years. Only change I found, was front brakes were upgraded to disk in 2001.
  7. So I have made so progress. Turns out new Starter relay, from Caltric, was part of the problem (not happy with them, always seem to have problems with their products). I found some ground wires that weren't connected (both located on shifter side), and re-installed original starter relay. Now Start button works, Kill switch still works, Ignition key needed to start (but wont stop with key in off). Checked Ignition switch, OK. I win for me, even if not perfect. Rev Indicator allows on, Headlights work, but only High-beam selection. Didn't have any of these previously, again a win for me although not perfect. Neutral Indicator not working. Where does Reverse Indicator get its signal? Where does Neutral Indicator get its signal? BTW I found out that it is a 1993 Timberwolf. Please add to subject line.
  8. Mudflap how many fuses are in a Timberwolf? I only see 1 in my Timberwolf 2x4.
  9. That looks a lot like 2 Timberwolf's I have. Unless somebody changed the tanks on both of mine, and they were different owners. Although i haven't been able to figure out why 2 of my Timberwolfs have different rims and rear racks then the other 2 Timberwolf's i own.
  10. Copy That it there a starter cutoff relay in the cuircuit? i read that in another thread. or is that the relay between starter and battery? Also, glad to see someone is still out there and responding.
  11. How did you make out? Is it running?
  12. I guess I will have to take off the front plastics. was trying to avoid this, lots of frozen screw and bolts. I was thinking maybe a stuck start button.
  13. I don't have the service manual for a 92-98 Timberwolf. I will look in forum for the posted manual.
  14. Relay was replaced with new. I did not try disconnecting the small set of wires, only because of new relay. It also wont stop if I disconnect the Neutral Relay. Ignition key doesn't do anything, only the kill switch works properly. I will try to trace back the wire from relay to starter. DO the small wires from relay go to start button?
  15. I have an unknown year Timberwolf. I have had to replace/repair some back yard wiring issues. With the wiring fixed, I compared to my other Timberwolf quads, I have found a problem. Starter is always running. I can only get it to stop by removing the positive lead from the battery.
  16. I have 4 Timberwolfs. Different years and all with different problems. Great quad when you get it running. lots of torque. 3 are running, but always finding something new to fix. Currently fixed some backyard wiring, and now it starts but starter is always running, unless I disconnect the battery.

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