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  1. All this talk about the 450's, and not even one iota about the Can Am's......WTF! haha I've had my 08 for just over a year, and except for an oil leak caused by a couple of rolls, and air leaks in the tired caused by lowering my air pressure too much at Pismo and getting shit in the bead. other than that, no problems at all. :) and as of 09, they have 2 kinds of 450X's, one is XC and on is MX, main difference is the width of the stance.

  2. ya, found out today that some jackass, when he cut off the plug for the trailers power on my tow package, they clipped it off (yes cut it), ABOVE the coupler so that now, I not only have to buy a new 7 prong plug, but also a coupler and splice it back together....gladly I'm taking it in for 5th Wheel work tomorrow so I'm sure they will fix the situation.

  3. A few updates of my beautiful mug.


    Yup, I did it, and for a size comparisson of how big the tires are, I'm 6'4".....ya, it was high centered from the front to the back axles. haha


    and last but not least, me and the crew we had on the Detachment I was on. We basically built a base in 2 months.


  4. Same here, I recently bought THE BEAST, and it's only getting 10.8 MPG.....either something's wrong, or I need a chip and a couple other mods to keep the towing power, but increase the MPG.


    As for the details, 08 F-450 SD. 6.4 Liter Detroit (Dual) Turbo Diesel V8.

  5. I plan on being in Socal from the end of august till the end of sept, but most of that time Shiela will be in the shop getting some TLC and factory updates. other than that, I plan on going for a ride with my OR friend about the 26th of Sept. or so. let me know if you're up for coming out and joining us?

  6. ok, third time is a charm for my road trip.

    This one will take me from Cali -WA - ID - MT - WY - CO - KS - OK - TX - NM - AZ - and back to cali. I've already got plans in the works to ride with a friend in OR about the 25th of Sept, and also with Bot and Drtygrl on or about the 6-8th of Oct. if you're able to join Bot. Drtygrl and I for a day or 2 of riding, we are hoping a few of you can, then we'll have a QC party. :) I'm planning at staying at a KOA campground near their home.

    oh, and if you're in WA, don't worry, I plan on riding there too, just family will come first on that portion of the trip.

    I hope that we can get a few of you out there, but plans won't be 100% firm till about a week or 2 before cause of travel and weather. and the other factor is if the banks will say yes to me getting a new truck (F-450) and a new RV (Keystone Raptor or Fusion)....

    let me know if you're up for riding anytime during my trip and we'll do our best to coordinate with each other.

    Till then keep the wheels underneath you and stay safe.


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