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  1. 1. What kind of Quad you have?

    08 Can-Am DS450X

    2. Do you like it?

    Wouldn't get another one.

    3. Ever flipped it?

    2 times.

    1-Ballinger Canyon - rolled once, then rolled down the hill on its wheels. - damage to the handlebars

    2-Jawbone - rolled once and Iaccidentally caught it with my body....saving it from a 60 ft drop.

    4. Describe your worst crash on it:

    Pismo - first ride out. Knew about the blind drop offs, saw it, but not in time. 15 foot drop in elevation later, I open my eyes to me not being able to move my head, and a splitting headache. couldn't move me head cause the rear handle was resting on it. suprisingly I only got the headache and a scratch on my hand.

    5. Worst crash ever:

    to the quad - Ballinger Canyon...bent the steering stem (the Jawbone wreck corrected it)

    to me - Pismo - possible concussion.

    6. Favorite Track:

    never been on a formal track.

    7. Least Favorite Track:


    8. Favorite Jump:

    same as the tracks, never been on one, and my quad's too new, I don't want to mess it up this early.

    9. Least Fav. Jump:


    10. Favorite person to ride with:

    everyone that I have, from my family to my battalion, to you guys on here.

    11. Worst Person to ride with:

    Nobody is bad yet.

    12. Suspension or Engine?


    13 . Favorite Quad:

    uhhh....y would i own one if I didn't think it was one of the best, if not THE BEST!

    14. Last person to ride your quad besides you:

    Harvey....I was having trouble getting up a hill on a ridgeline.

    15. Favorite Quad video:


    16. Holeshot or Hold back?

    HOLESHOT DUH! not only less traffic, but less dust....haha

    17. Favorite Kind of jumps?

    still inexperianced on jumps, so I don't take them much.

    18. MX or XC?

    XC, as long as I've been on the course, and know it.

    19. Why do you ride?

    Adrenaline release....no matter how you feel before the ride, you always feel good after. Another reason y I call her my mistress.

    20. Funniest part of Riding/Racing?

    Looking back on a wreck that you or someone else just failed on, and laughing.

    21. When is your next race, if you race?

    don't race

    22. Whos your Favorite Pro?

    anyone who rides a canam and succeeds. haha

    23. Least Favorite pro?

    Those that don't.

    24. Track you wish to ride/race?

    IDK of and tracks.

    25. Where do you see yourself in 5 years in the racing scene?

    ummmm, not? I'll still be in the navy then. kinda tough to travel around the country when you have to be where the navy tells you.

  2. Your local trail Truess. :D

    TITLE: Bradley Hills ORV Area

    NOTES: West of Vancouver and northeast of Cathlamet in Wahkiakum County, the Bradley Hills ORV Area has 8 miles of ATV trails.

    To reach the trailhead from Longview, head west on SR4 for about 29 miles. Just past Cathlamet, turn right on Elochoman Valley Road and start your odometer here. At 3.8 miles, turn right on Beaver Creek Road. At 8.4 miles, turn left on Road B-1000. At 10.3 miles, reach Bradley Bike Trail and Recreation Area on the right. From the sign, take the next two quick right turns to get into the parking area.

    From the parking area, trails exit in every direction, so be careful to get on the correct one. Ride to the five-way intersection at the entrance of the parking area and turn right. Almost immediately, find a trail on the left and take it. The wide, muddy, root-strewn trail winds through a thick forest. At 1.3 miles, cross a road and catch the trail on the opposite side. The trail continues the muddy, sometimes technical roller coaster through the woods. Reach a fork at 3.8 miles and turn right, following the trail signs. At 4.2 miles, ignore a trail back on the left.

    After a short push up a very steep hill, continue following the trail signs. The trail soon widens to become a narrow road, B-1000. Stay on the main road. At 6.4 miles, steer around several cement barriers and continue down the road. The road crosses the trail, 6.5 miles, but keep riding south on B-1000. At 7.2 miles, reach the junction of B-1000 and M-2000. Turn left and ride back to the parking area to complete the loop, 7.3 miles.


  3. sounds like a plan. I just don't know what the snow conditions in the siskews will be like in Feb, cause I do have chains for my car, but I havent been in snow with this one, and I don't know how it'll act with a trailer on it....that's if I don't get the RV I'm trying to get.

  4. LMAO!!!!! Ive been known to ride the dirt.....Its just been 5 or 6 yrs......Would I need to take my paddles off and change out my Mowhawk???? :laugh:

    I saw a bike with paddles on it out at jawbone....course the guy had a 1500 Hyabusa and is the current Senior Hillclimbing Champion at 70.

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