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  1. My favorite place for a day ride....sadly it's an hour away, the closest riding place to me. And this is sadly my last entry for the next 5 months. I will be deploying to the war zone here in a couple weeks.


    Oh, and whatever you do....DON'T TURN LEFT! haha

  2. I nominate DrtyGrl, she would fit the role and would be a great addition to our team.

    I also think that Scott would be a good choice if he could make the time to come on a bit more often.

    And JoeT, but with his military obligations it could be a bit tough.

    Ya, I would be glad to take the reigns of being a mod, but alas, being deployed kills the chance. mainly when going to the desert when I don't even know when I'll be able to make a phone call, let alone get internet...

    but I do agree with the Drtygurl nomination, Bot will be able to keep her in line. lol

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