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  1. Need some guidance It's time for the engine 20 hour break in oil / filter replacement Of course Yamaha recommends their Yamalube for my Quad - No way to source it locally - Amazon sure but am wondering if i is really needed Not very familiar with the Yamaha wet clutch lubrication requirements - would appreciate some education My 20year old Honda with a manual tranny / auto clutch has been using Pennzoil Platinum Synthetic for 15 or more years with no issues Can I use standard Castrol 10-30w dino oil? in the Yamaha How about Pennzoil Platinum 5-30w Synthetic? in the Yamaha Thanks for the help

    Honda Trx300 final drive (rear diff)

    Mine is a 1999 TRX300 and I have been using it to pull a trailer loaded with firewood for the past 15 years

    Honda Trx300 final drive (rear diff)

    Did you find the cause? I have the same machine and was wondering what went wrong?

    Honda Rancher 2013 solenoid issue?????

    My guess if it's making the whine sound - the solenoid is good and the starter is getting power It's just not engaging with the flywheel - spray some wd40 or similar around the spring and gear

    Yamaha YDS (Yamaha Diagnostic Software)

    Update Reading through the Yamaha Shop Manual for my 2018 Kodiak ATV I find there are two separate diagnostic systems YDIS > Yamaha Diagnostic Interface Software > Used for Marine products - Used it and it works good YDT > Yamaha Diagnostic Tool > used for ATV's and Motorcycles - This is the one I have been asking about Again anyone here have this part # 90890-03257 or use it on your ATV?

    2002 Honda TRX 250 EX Gas leak

    Mine has a small nut on the back side of the valve which tightens the valve assembly and reduces leakage

    Yamaha YDS (Yamaha Diagnostic Software)

    Anyone here with a newer 700 Grizzly? Does it have a dedicated ECM? How about a computer interface?

    Pump sprayer killed my Kodiak!

    You say "when I hooked up the leads, I heard a slight crackle/pop when I hooked up the battery terminal leads and there was a slight electrical smell. i thought it was just the crackle you get when getting a good connection to the terminals. i tested the pump, it worked and proceeded to start the atv. " Just guessing was the pump turned on when you connected it? If turned off there should not have been and issue - something close get shorted? Suggest you download the Shop Manual and check out the wiring diagram

    Yamaha YDS (Yamaha Diagnostic Software)

    The system is Yamaha's factory scan tool - still wondering if it works with the Kodiak and or Grizzly ATV's The software runs on a windows PC with a USB interface and connects to the Outboard or Waverunner with a proprietary 3 pin interface through a protocol adapter It's good for diagnostic trouble shooting as well as actuator activation (IAC Valve etc..) kind of like a high end Snap on scan tool
  10. Anyone know if this software, which I use for my Yamaha EFI Outboard engines can be used on the Kodiak and or Grizzly ATV line? I see Yamaha uses this software / hardware interface for the Waverunner line up and the Outboard engine line up but can't determine if it is used on the ATV line.
  11. KJINTF

    2000 Honda Foreman Will Not Shift

    Had that happen a few times on my 1999 Foretrax TRX300 Rocking it back and forth while shifting gears always fixed her up Hope you did not do internal damage Those machines are pretty much bullet proof
  12. It's nice being in a state that does not have sales tax. Just picked up a 2018 Yamaha ATV and saved over $250 in sales tax