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  2. It is quite the beast, with proper leaf springs included. Shame they quit making them. The most similar now is the Clubcar CarryAll/XRT. Only it has all automatic lockers/2wd-4wd (Intellitract) (though available with a Kubota Diesel). I like all the knobs and switches. Most are now smallish, streamlined with stripes and what not. I think my next UTV will be a nice old Korean/Vietnam era Open Jeep. I am sure NOT going to pay 18K for some offroader. 8K gets me a pristine Jeep and I can drive to the store.
  3. Thank you. I am sure it will help, but of course the 225 is different. Engine, body, electrical. Although I thin it has the same bolt/bore size on Carb, but again unknown. This carb is causing some real waste of time. I can find carbs all around the 91 YFM250B, but not the 'exact'. Although I suspect one of the others will work, how is one to know? Anyone with a 91 Yamaha YFM250B Moto4? Please help. Thanks again Ajmboy Max
  4. Branded Ezgo, though of course, owned by Textron. Not electric. Honda V-Twin. GX610 , gas. Selectable 2/4 WD, Front and Rear Diff locks, electric, independent., 1000lb Dump Bed, electric, Front and Rear 2" receiver.
  5. Just a shout out to see if there are any other owners. Max
  6. Any luck with manuals? I need a carb in the owrst way and am have gone down a lot of rabbit holes (over 90 tabs and counting). Factory calls for a Mikuni BST34/1 (I think, but need to check manual). I don't care what or who makes the carb, just need a basic reliable carb. No Racing etc, just puttering. I currently only have the cable with the round slide attached. Don't care if its round if I know what other parts to get to make it all function. Thanks for help, and listening, gonna go chase more rabbits I guess. Max
  7. Jziggy, Thanks, I'll keep them in mind. So far I have used partszilla and amazon. Might haye myself but for 20 bucks gonna try that new carb, and that 6 dollar ignition switch. Max
  8. Looks like my reply disappeared. That was like so 3 mins ago. can't be bothered. Something about the sixties/seventies being blurry, nice 'fro, and at least the flashbacks are clear. Thanks I'll look at learning center pdq. Max
  9. Thanks ajmboy. I'll head over to that learning center pdq. btw - Nice fro, reminds me of the sixties/seventies. At least I think it does. Certainly reminds me of something or other. I think. Okay sure the sixties and seventies are a bit, errr, blurry, but the flashbacks are clear. Max
  10. Hey all, just a quick hello from a new member. Looking forward to meeting you all. Okay maybe not all, but most. Well okay lets be real, maybe not most but some. Okay okay you got me,, perhaps 'some' is a bit of a stretch, how about we leave it at a few or couple of ya...... Max
  11. As I am new to the world of Kawasaki ATV's, I was wondering if anyone could make a few recommendations where I can find some parts. For sure I will need 4 tires, a wiring harness, an ignition switch, a battery, maybe a carb, the little hose from air box to carb, the front cover above the main fenders (cowl cover?) and of course the standard spark plugs and filters. Oh and URRRGGGHH on this, a whole bunch of nuts bolts and screws. The arsehat that removed various panels, lost most of the screws and bolts. For an OCD'er like me that drives me bonkers. Thanks for any help. Oh and yes I am trying the search tool, though it seems to not be forum specific? However, I also need post counts that are not spam. Max
  12. I am really ;looking forward to browsing that KLF220 Manual, but alas I need a content count of 10+. Seems I may need to post all my inane questions prior to just looking them up myself. Though glad to be on the forum and sure it will help in the future. Max

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