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  1. I'm a licensed Ham radio operator. Yes getting a tech license is a little hard but well worth it. I have access to many frequencies and different modes. I carry a dual mode handheld Motorola radio, I can go digital or I can access local repeaters. One of the nice things is have 5 watts of power to get out. I use the same ear piece and remote mic that the police use. Talk while riding. I also have a GMRS license $50.00 dollars for 5 years. It opens up options less than having a ham license but no test. Feel free to contact me with more questions
  2. Hi all, installed new belt, old one had some high low areas. Installed new one way bearing. Lot smoother now.
  3. Hi Anyone else with a 2017 sportsman with EPS, experiencing hard lock up with the CVT clutches. As compared to my friends 2006 Polaris 500 HO they seem to be a lot smoother engagement. Any ideas or is this normal for this model.
  4. If you can find a leak down tester , put 80lbs in cylinder at TDC and listen for leaks...look for bubbles in radiator.
  5. I have a 2017 570eps model, that model has a ghost draw, my battery goes dead after 3 weeks. Haven't tracked it down yet. I start it at least every two weeks. My old Yamahs Kodiak would sit for 3 months and start right up...
  6. Hi I've seen a few riders from Canada at Walker Valley near Sedro wooley Wa.
  7. Hi have you tried Soviet Military Maps for Android, I've done a couple rides overlaid on google maps and earth. Also I've used Polaris Navigation GPS seems to work better than Soviet Military Maps.. Steve 2017 Polaris 570 EPS
  8. Dealer fixed my issue with EPS, Firmware update, been 6 months no issues. Also had a issue with CVT system, secondary pulley was out of alignment. Dealer fixed that issue only charged me 1/2 hour labor. Took atv out and rode it on a long ride tight trails at Tahuya Wa. No issues with EPS or CVT system. Also have dealer install heat shield kit. That will keep from cooking your right leg.. fix works great.

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