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Hank Montgerard

Generate map of private ATV trails

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Is there a 'best in class' tool/app method to map private ATV trails?

We're lucky to have some space to ride and have created many trails but can't figure out the best/most efficient method to generate a map?

I've tried GIA GPS for iOS with some success, however the stop/start when trails cross over each other makes it tricky/difficult to get an accurate 'total mileage' vs. duplicate overlap.

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The software I use is for windows only, but I am sure there is something similar out there for IOS.

Take this example, we rode this abandoned roads, stopped, turned around and went back the way we came but then continued in a different direction. By zooming in at the start and end points I can see the points that made the track. All I do is use the scissor tool to split the track at both ends then delete one of them. Now if I look at the track of this old road, it will show the true distance (one way of course) I then closed the track for the curved part to make it one track. I left the other track there unconnected, but my software allows a "Y" track.

The "X" shown are where I made waypoints, the blue boxes are where I took pictures. This software can also take pictures from a camera and use the tracking data to geo tag photos, provided the clock is set in the camera.

I attached an actual picture taken at that location, I am not sure if uploading it strips off the geo-tag info. If not, you can open the picture and see exactly where I took the picture.


Hope that helps.




zoomed out.jpg

zoomed track 2.jpg

zoomed track.jpg

zoomed cleaned up.jpg

PTDC0234 (Medium).JPG

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I don't know about private options but you can add the trails to OpenStreetMap and then access them from many different devices. The IOS app I use for that is called "Go Map!!" 

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Hi have you tried Soviet Military Maps for Android, I've done a couple rides overlaid on google maps and earth.

Also I've used Polaris Navigation GPS seems to work better than Soviet Military Maps..



2017 Polaris 570 EPS

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