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  2. I am also here for a manual but it really isn't that hard to participate in a few discussion, and there is alot of good information and people willing to help.
  3. on that same note, I got a Honda trx250 for free, said it had run out of oil. I have bored the head and replaced the piston pin, piston and rings, cleaned the carb and got it running, also verified that the oil pump is working. But now there is no movement when I put it in gear, forward or reverse. So getting read to go in and look at the clutch, I am proceeding in the correct direction?
  4. I joined to get manuals for 2 atv's that I have started rebuilding, so far seen some very interesting information
  5. good in formation I will have to check how it is in Idaho, just got 2 for free that I am in the process of rebuild

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