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  1. funny you should say that lol.. im on my way to dumping enough money into my 300 that i could have got a nice used 400 but at least this way i know how its been ridden, maintained, and so on
  2. sorry in advance if it starts, its good.. if not well its either bad, key is not on, battery is dead, in gear and you dont have the clutch pulled. ok now on a serious note, best thing i could recommend would be to pick up a good service manual (clymer, or the factory service manual).. i know on a buddies 125 the starter didnt work and he just had to open it up and clean all the dried mud out of it lol
  3. well i posted way back then... but it got lost in the Bermuda triangle and didnt resurface until now lmao
  4. actually it does have something similar but its built into the electric ignition module, main reason i know is because now that i have the mods done to the bike (or golf cart as you may say lol) i hit the limiter often (well ok might be due to being in second or third climbing big dunes lol)
  5. i didnt experience a lot of heat until i replaced the wimpy exhaust, rejetted the carb, oh and added the k&n .. there is a guy on ebay (or atleast he was when i bought mine) who has oil coolers already setup for the 300ex, its pretty nice, and seems to work pretty well too. all you have to do is remove the oil tube the feeds the head and replace it with the supplied tubing and hoses, it took me longer to figure out were i wanted to place the cooler itself then it did to plumb it in. and i would agree on wrapping the header (as in yes do it) but im not sure if i would bother with it if you are still running the stock setup , but that's just me .
  6. so far short of dropping a ton on a factory manual, i've found the clymer manual to be pretty good, its helped a ton so far, i think haynes is the only other one out there other than the factory one and well from past experiences on a the haynes they dont tend to cover everything. hope that helps
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    it was just a little east of the driftwood access road

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