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  1. kawabayou400


  2. yeah can you hear it over the exhaust?
  3. so how young is too young wondering?
  4. always wanted to just couldn't fork out the dough yet.
  5. plastics are definitely a good indicator for how bad a quad was treated. not 100% of the time obviously, but often.
  6. just bought a dead 93 kawasaki bayou 400 and starting to look at parts out of curiosity as to weather or not replacement parts are cheap enough to make it worth my while. so far not looking too bad.
  7. common problem with aftermarket? was looking at getting one for 93 kawasaki bayou 400
  8. how about carbs? anybody have any problems with the cheap carbs?
  9. I watched a dealer try to ride a quad up into the back of a pickup one time. He made it to the tailgate with the front tires and promptly fell off the side smashing up the left side of the quad and banging up his leg pretty good. stupid.

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