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  2. can make it low to the ground or higher. I used one without even manual lift (just an adjustable strap) this "snow season". I would put a 40# bag of salt on the front rack to help compress shocks to keep it lower as well. it does ok for the most part, well worth the price in metal!
  3. lmao it started out a great fun... until I got the QX56 (suv, 4 wheel drive, + mud n snow tires) stuck in about 4feet even had cables on! that car was stuck for 4 days. between work, sick (we also caught the flu for the first time in my life since toddler) and trying to get some sled time in with kids... I was shoveling like it was a work out for 4 damn days. Not too mention ice melt and all that. Between my atv oil leaks/spills, the ice melt (antifreeze) and all .. I have more chemicals in my yard the neighbors will call us The Oblongs come spring heh I finally had to have wife punch it, and pull it with a tow strap - after the 4days of shoveling! Now we are getting crazy rain, melting the snow - mocking my efforts and, hopefully, diluting the chemicals as to not morph and critters to zombies.
  4. if I read the building code correctly (and I have not done real construction since post-highschool) in most california counties, you can build a non-electric/plumbed detached building under 120sq ft. without anyone else's opinion in the matter... Of course many counties (especially SF/SValley) use that as the state minimum and make it near impossible to build, as you say, without a permit for color, shape and dangle angle heh but to be most clear, my 10x20 would be single story ... or was, until you gave me a great idea!! I could go basement too maybe.. 3 story 10by coming up basement almost never counts to the sqft out here unless it's "finished, with plumbing and window for escape" and the 2nd story might have to be shelving or clear with joists for pulleys (my wife is going to have many more opinions) where's Tim the tool man (Home Improvement) when I need him! ah ah ah
  5. I feel like Seinfield or Leno.. without their financial abilities just their motor desires! I still think I'm putting up a 2-story garage with lifts and the works. Wife thinks I'm crazy and in reality if I get a 10x20 shed up, the town will celebrate heh. Because I want them all! Yes your sportsman! If nothing else just to have another toy to play with and swap tires around. Maybe I'll build 3 10x20s and nobody will call me out for permits
  6. I've been quiet on here for a number of reasons, but one was the 6' we've had of snow the past 1.5 weeks! I got stuck fast even with the 4x4 in deep snow with regular tires. Then I used neighbors 2001 Honda ES (forman?) which is a 2wd and no locker. He let me put my ATV chains and my plow! I got some video to share (sucky but fun) -- seeing it in action give me great hope for larger bikes (and 4x4/diff locks). I would like to see tracks on the front of my 4x4 for big snow play. Can you swap tracks and wheels easily? Maybe I could get a set as I do not see paddles in my future (not a dune'r)
  7. I do not mind the longer frame for wheelies myself. weight no.. wonder what the weight difference of the bayou vs polaris. how much could it be to prevent wheelies, jumps, and only snapping a shock I mean - that's the best thing to snap! that bayou is doing you right, that clicking is probably kisses you're neglectin
  8. how many jumps n wheelies can you do with utility 2x4? heh
  9. i broke mine trying to winch drag it over a rock in the snow and it pop'd that rubber drain plug (while running) and sounded like a man drowning on his own blood!!! does that count same as jumping and snappn' a shock
  10. well I'm wrong. soon as the oil gets really hot n thin, it appears to leak. much much less than before but, guess that's why most everyone stayed quiet when I got excited that I thought it was working heh it's good enough for now though, going to play in the 3' we got and 1' more coming over the weekend HOT DAMN!
  11. yes but not of the rubber oil plug install heh ty for this. I will get to it soon. right now I'm riggin' a plow to see if I can move more vs with front frame heh
  12. I did not think this was going to work... I was too concerned about making things worse with the larger tap in terms of losing more metal. I ordered a smaller piggyback that I hope fits better. but it's holding!! I "rode" for a while in 3' of snow to test it out.
  13. I like your setup! not familiar with Ryobi myself but if it holds up for 30 days, I bet you get plenty of solid use 💪
  14. get this guy to help you, he's quick! (watch the video of the tree falling around 1m!)

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