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  1. pokerl0w

    1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 2x4 (klf300b) Runs Bad

    I do not mind the longer frame for wheelies myself. weight no.. wonder what the weight difference of the bayou vs polaris. how much could it be to prevent wheelies, jumps, and only snapping a shock I mean - that's the best thing to snap! that bayou is doing you right, that clicking is probably kisses you're neglectin
  2. pokerl0w

    1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 2x4 (klf300b) Runs Bad

    how many jumps n wheelies can you do with utility 2x4? heh
  3. pokerl0w

    1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 2x4 (klf300b) Runs Bad

    i broke mine trying to winch drag it over a rock in the snow and it pop'd that rubber drain plug (while running) and sounded like a man drowning on his own blood!!! does that count same as jumping and snappn' a shock
  4. well I'm wrong. soon as the oil gets really hot n thin, it appears to leak. much much less than before but, guess that's why most everyone stayed quiet when I got excited that I thought it was working heh it's good enough for now though, going to play in the 3' we got and 1' more coming over the weekend HOT DAMN!
  5. yes but not of the rubber oil plug install heh ty for this. I will get to it soon. right now I'm riggin' a plow to see if I can move more vs with front frame heh
  6. I did not think this was going to work... I was too concerned about making things worse with the larger tap in terms of losing more metal. I ordered a smaller piggyback that I hope fits better. but it's holding!! I "rode" for a while in 3' of snow to test it out.
  7. I like your setup! not familiar with Ryobi myself but if it holds up for 30 days, I bet you get plenty of solid use
  8. pokerl0w

    I've got a good tree guy...

    heh yup, like one of those Farmers commercials
  9. pokerl0w

    Happy trails and happy trees

    get this guy to help you, he's quick! (watch the video of the tree falling around 1m!)
  10. pokerl0w

    I've got a good tree guy...

    not my truck .. this tree guy drove up, jumped out and quoted some low cut per tree. said he was going to stack 'em but he left in a hurry and I'm sure lost money on the deal. he was trying to cut 6 down in like 10 minutes I guess. honestly I was recording in case anything happened to my house - that sugar pine coulda fell my way after that oak! He should have not only moved his truck, but used a line to control the fall angle.
  11. pokerl0w

    ATV Battery Trickle Charger

    ha! forgot they had this: https://www.harborfreight.com/automatic-battery-float-charger-69955.html I think my dad got one free a while back with one of their coupon deals. I ripped it apart as I got it tangled up in heavier cords I want to be excited about HF tools but this charger looks like a radio shack home kit heh.
  12. pokerl0w

    ATV Battery Trickle Charger

    I would def buy the cheapest POS. Usually these things last forever. I had (*have) an old black n decker that I left always charging my trailer. Even had a fan on it that died. No snow on it ever, but plenty of rain and acorns, debris, etc. Looks like I have black and white clips not red so faded! heh even some rust on the clips I guess the "transformer" that takes your 110 into charging could die in time. Usually, for non-moving parts, electronics will last and everything else just wires. I have the regular Battery Tender Plus as well (pricey at $50) that I bought back in 2014. I really like the accessory features of that 2nd one (BM3B) for $19!! got a link? would like to see that one! lowest (with any reviews) I have seen are about $15
  13. as many might know, the years previous, California had drought conditions that allowed "bark beetles" to basically kill many evergreen trees. here's an example of what they did: we had a few on our property... no HF tools here, this is Stihl guaranteed: lmk if anyone wants his #, I'm sure he'd trade for body work lol
  14. pokerl0w


    this was 1.5 weeks ago.. all gone now. love what you have there! weather.com be kind this week, snow is preferred, it will melt!
  15. pokerl0w

    Winter Riding Gear

    it's been 50s and 60s here so I can't get on my warm gear.. until we get some lasting systems, here's what's going on in the sierras... ski skate: Fun little snow run.mp4