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  1. Curtiosity


  2. Curtiosity

    2003 Foreman S

    Looks beautiful - where is it?
  3. Curtiosity

    Sick hill climb

    Is this drawn or something done on the computer from a photo? Looks awesome.
  4. Curtiosity

    Lots of Country

    Looks like The Lone Ranger.
  5. I live in Utah so sometimes we get a fair amount of snow. Is the cost of a snow blade/plow worth it, or is it a pain do to on an ATV? What brands/kinds work best?
  6. Thanks Frank. This was at my brother's cabin and wasn't working, so he told my husband if he could fix it he could have it. So we brought it home, but the key could not be located so he will be having to replace the ignition switch. He has taken out the carburetor and can see that needs to be replaced - he's "never seen a carburetor so junked up". So if you had any tips on those or could post those sections of the manual that would be great - won't let me download it yet.
  7. Thanks so much - that worked.
  8. So sorry to read of your bad luck with health issues. Thoughts and prayers for healing.
  9. How do you remove the seat on a Kawasaki Bayou 220?

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